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  • Feb. 6, 2021, 11:28 a.m.
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We’re not allowed to discuss election fraud. We are supposed to act like it doesn’t exist. The book burners censor, shadowban and ban anyone who questions it. It’s inciting violence and seditious to question your government. We have freedom of speech but not freedom of reach, that’s how they decided to suppress speech. You have the right to speak just not the right to speak to other people. We will become prisoners of conscience soon enough. Times magazine gets to talk about it though. They just admitted to it. They use doublespeak as all the fake news outlets do to trick the leftists because it’s that easy. These leftists are cognitively dead and can’t synthesize an original thought. You could replace one with another and they’ll just say the same things. Practically the same thing with the cable news cult. These people cannot see through doublespeak and doublethink. Biden put unaccompanied migrant children in overflow facilities but when Trump did that they said Trump put kids in cages. It’s the same thing. Times magazine calls rigging the election fortifying the election. One cannot simply be a left-winger in this turning of the age without being self-righteous which is exactly what this article was. Self-righteous. They claim it was justified. It’s fascist what they did but these people with Trump derangement syndrome don’t know how to think, they only care about their feelings and their feelings feel better when they do onto others what they don’t want done unto them. These people were manipulated into becoming single-issue voters and that is what the Times article is bragging about. It is the gaslighting from these cringe, fringe folks that I hate the most. I hate when narcissists tap into their extra chromosomes it’s just so embarrassing to watch. Long story short, we were right along. It’s no longer a far-right conspiracy. It’s funny how that keeps working out like that.

Mike Lindell aired his documentary Absolute Proof. Did he provide absolute proof of election fraud? Yes. First, he discussed all the evidence that was right in front of us that we weren’t allowed to talk about because election theft is another one of those things we are supposed to pretend doesn’t exist in this upside reality. He talked about all of the footage, all of the affidavits and a list of the hundreds of thousands of invalid physical ballots. Dead voters, underage voters, multiple voters, illegal voters etc. Discussed all the laws that were illegally changed. The 30+ active cases still going on. Of course, the absence of evidence is evidence of absence for the simulated thinkers and what the courts did was not allow the evidence in their courts. Thus, the people that big tech etc think are stupid are out there proving that they are indeed everything these manipulators want them to be. The absolute proof that Mike Lindell provided was the Dominion cyber attack, it was a cyber pearl harbour. It was an act of war. The traffic through the software was tracked and recorded. They had terabytes of all of the information. The IP addresses, where the ballots went and when they were flipped. All of it. We heard the claims from Sidney Powell but she didn’t show us the evidence. Her case is on the 19th. Mike Lindell even showed us the real results. 79 million for Trump, 68 million for Biden. Is there a statute of limitations on election theft? No. Trump would already have this and then some he just never got to present the evidence in court.

Trump’s impeachment trial is coming up and the case against him allows him to present the evidence, finally. We suspect that there will be a media blackout at that time if his legal team starts to open pandora’s box. The impeachment is already a sham and essentially dead on arrival because you can’t impeach a private citizen but that doesn’t matter, that’s how the CCP works. They’re the ones who stole the election to force a Biden presidency. Italy, Iran, Germany and Canada are a few other countries that helped. You either know why that is or you don’t. This was proven in his documentary which was censored and suppressed real fast but it’s spreading like wildfire anyway. Mike Lindell is a little naive in thinking that this proof of election theft will unite the country and I admire his ambition but it’s like beating a dead horse trying to get the leftist cults to process true information. He only recently got a taste of what it is like dealing with these leftists so I assume that he doesn’t know how wasteful it is to try and reason with them. They’re too brainwashed beyond repair. It’s just the narcissists left on the left and narcissists don’t do truth. We’ll see, maybe by some freak chance, they will come around. I just don’t hold my breath. Moderate liberals and libertarians are even clumped in as extremists alongside Trump supporters. National populism is in the way of these globalists. Something curious though, Trump let go of a prior legal team that were constitutional lawyers. They wanted to focus on how unconstitutional the whole impeachment trial is. Trump is now using a team of top-performing criminal lawyers instead. Is he going to flip it around? I dunno. He won’t be able to pull anything off without the military. The oath is to the constitution, not to leaders. This can just be a near-death experience for America if the military does its duty like in Myanmar.

I’m not holding my breath on a positive outcome though. It’s like David and Goliath going up against the Invisible Enemy, the Cabal, the Deep State or whatever nomenclature we’re using to describe those working toward the globalist agenda these days for the central bankers. Their agenda for a global government is not a far-right conspiracy anymore. It’s down to the wire for them and it bubbled up to the mainstream again. Not to the news, that’s not mainstream anymore and they know it. You ever modernized and became digitally literate enough to get informed in 2021 or you didn’t. These globalists, who script our legacy media, keep trying to build public opinions and they keep failing. The pesky little internet. They’ll have to overthrow our countries the old fashion way. Their debt system was not built to last and they’re taking their business to China and all of us along with them to reset absolutely everything. You either know this or you don’t.

On a fun note, Greta Thunberg is under investigation in India. The UN’s highest-paid crisis actor accidentally tweeted her “script”. Hilarious! Twitter user AOC was caught lying yet again and she is struggling to save face this time. She e-mailed her fanbase to report all of the conversations about it because she respects free speech like that. AOC did not have a near-death experience on January 6th. She was evacuated an hour early, she wasn’t near the correct building and her colleagues are not letting her wiggle her way out of this one. Leftists have half-ass standards, it’s just a side effect of those extra chromosomes and Candace Owens is calling it out that AOC is spitting dangerous misinformation on Twitter. Accusing Trump supports of planting explosives, which is a baseless claim. It’s still under investigation. AOC is also accusing Ted Cruz of attempted murder. This woman is unhinged and insane. She is still trying to play the victim here which makes my skin crawl.

The event on January 6th is another one that is not allowed to be discussed. It’s frustrating because you can unbake that narrative so easily. You have footage of CNN reporters inside giggling that they pulled it off. Footage of ANTIFA in a room giggling in anticipation waiting for their cue. You have ANTIFA all over social media that were talking about going there to stage it. We have footage of police letting people in. Trump supporters begging the police to stop the riot. The Q-Shaman was walking around with a camera crew and taking directions, like c’mon man. You can’t share any of it without penalty of course. Will Biden disavow ANTIFA? No. Their website now forwards you to the Whitehouse. They’re like his modern-day brownshirts. It was a false flag and now they get to use it to dehumanize conservatives even more. Right-wingers are resilient and crafty though. We’ll see what happens during WWIII during this turning of the age. So far World War 3 has been an information war.

Miss Chiffs Manager February 07, 2021

Secession is inevitable. Productive conservatives will flee the liberal states to save themselves from extraordinary inflation and taxes. And the libs will starve to death.

Small Town Girl Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ February 07, 2021

I was thinking the same thing a few days ago!

Small Town Girl February 07, 2021

Stores all over the US and pulling My Pillow products off their shelves. Its so maddening that that is how we behave towards someone we don't agree with.

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