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  • Feb. 3, 2021, 12:30 p.m.
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…are going swimmingly here. I was finally able to sit comfortably at my computer. Lemme see what I last wrote. Been like almost two weeks since I posted last. I finished the doxy on sunday I think. Finally got all that done with. I’m not having too much pain. It’s more discomfort and irritation. The scar on my ankle is really irritated. The old scars where they actually went in for the arthroscopy last time are healing well. It doesn’t even look like he did anything there, so that’s good.

He told me that my ankle was full of scar tissue from the inflammation. My anterior ligament was in really bad shape and definitely needed some care. He also said my achilles was definitely in need of some work. So he’s glad we did that as well. But otherwise everything went well. The scars look good. There’s about a 3” scar on my calf where he released my tendon, the scar on my ankle where he repaired the ligament is about 6” long and kind of a backwards J shape lol.

MIL was here from Saturday-Thursday of the week following my surgery. It was ok. It wasn’t bad at all. She helped us a lot with keeping stuff clean which was good. I should say she helped Randy a lot. I slept a ton. I was in some serious pain and just generally blah feeling from the antibiotics.

She bought one of my paintings lol. For $10, but hey.

Though, apparently, even after losing 50 lbs this year, she thinks I’m still too fat to have a baby. I don’t know what my weight is currently, but I was in the 240’s last I checked. eyeroll.

At any rate, lets see. We ended up having to take Dice to the vet last Thursday because he was very sick, weak and just didn’t look good at all. He had been losing weight but he had also been very active, so we thought it was from that. He declined pretty badly over like 3 days.

We took him in on Thursday and he was diagnosed with Diabetes. WTF. I was dumbfounded. So we got him some medicine, have been giving him insulin ever 12 hours since then. He has a follow up on Thursday to check things out. So hopefully we caught it in time and he will be good to go.

We’ve been giving him some chicken and veggies or beef and veggies as his food because he won’t touch the dry food anymore. So we have also been giving him the canned dog food since it’s easier for him to eat.

Poker is fat and happy, so we’re trying to get him to a lower weight too.

All the rattos are doing ok. Fievel has perked back up 100 percent. He’s back up to 355 grams! Hopefully he’ll continue to gain the weight he needs. His tail is healing around the necrosis so that is good. The tip of his tail that was nectrotized should fall off on its own based on how it’s healing. It’s probably about a half inch. In another week when I can walk on my own again, we’ll be taking the boys cage out and completely power washing it, that way we can put Fievel and Rizzo back into the big boys cage. They’ve been in a big bunny cage since Fievel got sick.

Scotchy is still doing well even though she’s got the lump on her side. She’s nearly 3 years old. She most likely doesn’t have a lot of time left. Unfortunately Jovie developed a lump on her neck. I’m hoping to call around and get a decent quote for the removal of that. She’s only 8 months old. I feel awful because it just seems like we got a bad batch of Rats if that makes sense to anyone.

Fievel got sick and almost died, now Jov has a lump. Trillian and Rizzo are doing good, no problems yet, but I don’t forsee that staying that way. It’s just a matter of Bad Genes in the line. We have been lucky up to now to get GOOD rats even with Winston and Nigel. They were removed from a bad situation, they were housed outside. Ugh. But they’re about 2.5 so definitely getting up there in age, but still going strong. Nigel is still my biggest, at 619 grams. Hemi is just under 600. Hemi, Bandit, Eleanor, Parsley and Harriett have no problems either, and they’re just over a year old.

Anywho, that’s whats going on in our lives. Hope you all have a good one!

the inky kitty. February 04, 2021

My kids want a rat as a pet. I'd totally get one if we didn't have cats. They're so super smart (the rats, not the cats).

Mrs. Peebs the inky kitty. ⋅ February 05, 2021

Yes they are! And if you get "one" make sure you see double because they need at least one friend at all times. 3 is the minimum in the UK even. This is why we have 6 and 6 lol. I always tell my husband that it BAFFLES me how smart they are in their tiny little bodies (except for Nigel who is a TANK). Like some grown ass adult people aren't even nearly as smart lol.

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