MOMENTS in Postcards 4

  • Feb. 3, 2021, 6:57 p.m.
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We had a wild day yesterday out in the big wide world. The catering family that had fed us dinners for so long didn’t get funding. We were out there shopping for dinners at Costco and Vons. I should have gone in as he bought the humongous sized box of salad greens. Ralphs didn’t have any decent salad greens. Costco did have their own brand of toilet paper for the first time in almost a year. OH HURRAH. George felt heroic as he carried that to Grumpy.

I sat in Grumpy and read. It was wonderful to watch all the people too. Better in person than on TV.

Zipster February 03, 2021

Who ever thought there would be a time when a trip to Costco, much less getting TP would be exciting. One must be grateful for the little things. I love your pen & ink drawings. You went to State, yes? Did you ever have Mr. Hodge?

MageB Zipster ⋅ February 04, 2021

No, I missed him.

Zipster MageB ⋅ February 04, 2021

He would have loved your drawings. He was a grumpy guy but a stickler for good design and technique. And he could be rude about it. But when you got a good grade on something, you knew you had earned it.

Marg February 03, 2021

Haha this is what it's come to - a trip to Costco is the peak of excitement these days! People watching is the best :)

Narrator February 04, 2021 (edited February 04, 2021)


TP appearing on shelves is starting to seem like a minor miracle, isn't it?
Salads for dinner for the foreseeable future! And lunches! For any snack at any time! ;)

NorthernSeeker February 04, 2021

I love your drawings. Shopping is an extended field trip.

Jinn February 06, 2021

Great sketch !
I get excited every time I go out almost anywhere :-)

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