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  • Feb. 2, 2021, 3:02 a.m.
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What kind of house do you live in (condo, single-family, apartment, craftsman, ranch, etc.)?
manufactured home

What kind of siding does it have?
t whatever it’s called

When was it built?

How long have you lived here?
since October 2015

Do you have an HOA?
not so much, but lot rent yes

Describe your neighborhood.
In a pretty small town just past the rr tracks that are no longer in use. On the main road to another town.

Do you have sidewalks?

How many rooms does it have?
three bedrooms, two bath plus the dining room, living room, kitchen and sun room

What’s the square footage?
almost 1300

What kind of garage do you have?

Do you park your cars in it, or do you use it for storage?
my car is in it and the broke down truck

How many bedrooms does it have?

How many bathrooms does it have?
Do you have a walk-in closet?
yes, in most bedrooms

Do you have a Master Suite (with attached bathroom)?

Does your bathroom have a dual vanity?

Does your guest bathroom (if applicable) have a dual vanity?

Do you have a bathtub?
yes, in both bathrooms

What are the other bedrooms being used for (kids room, guest room, office, etc.)?
kids rooms

What kind of floors do you have in the bedrooms/bathrooms?
laminate and lanolium

in an l shape with the dining room

Do you have a fireplace?

Do you have a dining room (and do you use it as a dining room)?
We do, sometimes

Do you have a sunroom or any other unique room?
sunroom or nook or something next to the kitchen

Do you have a window over the kitchen sink?

What kind of appliances do you have in the kitchen?
a mixture of brands but we have a fridge, stove, and dish washer

What kind of floors do you have in the living/kitchen areas?
laminate and lanolium

What kind of countertops do you have?
some cheap crap

Do you have an island?

Do you have a pantry?

Do you have enough storage in your kitchen?
not really

Do you have a lamppost in your front yard?
no but do have a stop sign

Do you have a deck or patio?
two decks

What do you have in your backyard (garden, shed, pool, etc.)?
rabbit and bikes and sheds

Can you see other houses from your backyard?
yes, wish I couldn’t though

Do you have a basement? If so, is it finished?
nope. Not many real houses around here do let alone manufactured homes

If you were house shopping again, what’s one thing you’d put on your wish-list that you don’t currently have?
ROOM! Like acreage. And close to the ground I have dachshunds

Deleted user February 02, 2021

Do you live in a trailer park ?

Antiangel Deleted user ⋅ February 02, 2021

Pretty much. They are all manufactured homes so more a manufactured home park.

Deleted user Antiangel ⋅ February 02, 2021

Yeah they're cool though my grandma moves to one of those 55+ ones when they first started doing it it the 90's it had central a/c and was like a regular house plus it was 55+ community so it was well kept

Antiangel Deleted user ⋅ February 04, 2021

Some parks are way better than others... you know the ones with clubhouses and pools. We are lucky to have a swing set. I guess it's whatever considering the kids can't even play on it right now anyway. I think the 55+ ones are better because they do tend to be better kept, ours has become dumpy the last 10ish years.

Deleted user Antiangel ⋅ February 04, 2021

Yeah there was a clubhouse at hers so I would drive the golf cart to the club house and go to the pool I was pretty much allowed to do whatever we want because of my family

Deleted user Antiangel ⋅ February 04, 2021

Hell I drove the golf cart to Publix but it was only less than a quarter of a mile away probably I don't know LOL

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