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  • Jan. 30, 2021, 6:01 p.m.
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So the van is back into the mechanic again. I’ve needed to get the brakes done, and then Wednesday, the transmission started slipping and kicked on the check engine light. The first time it slipped, it just shifted funny. The second time it slipped, I thought I’d been rear-ended, or Donkey Kong kicked my back bumper. Which, I live in an area with a lot of hills, so going up any hill around here got really sketchy. It backed off a bit and wasn’t giving me an issue, then it started kicking the crap outta the gears every time it shifted. Got back to the shop and told owner’s son, who immediately called the mechanic they use, who said get it in, and they’d get on it. So, I now have all my tools in the kitchen, and my two big ladders in the garage. Yeah, nothing makes me realise I REALLY need to get the garage dealt with like filling up a corner of my kitchen with various tools and tool boxes.

I realised I’ve not heard from S in a week or so. I’m kinda thinking to just leave it be. Last I saw her, she was full of complaints all over again. Some of it was new, some of it was crap she’d already told me, that she retold again, like she knew she’d never told me before. Whatever. Funny enough, as much as she’d been making clear she wanted to get me in bed, I gave her an opportunity to try something. When I went to change clothes to go get food, I made a point to very obviously leave the bathroom door open. She attempted nothing. That “interest” all must have just been talk. As I figured.

My back is killing me in the evenings, and since I finally got a new click stopper for the tub drain, I’ve enjoyed long (probably too) hot baths, which has definitely seemed to help. It also helped me fight off another migraine. Benefit of having dimmer switches on all my lights, I basically turned the bathroom lights all the way down, then unscrewed all but one bulb, put in water proof ear plugs, and filled the tub, keeps it dark and quiet, and I end up with my torso and head under water, leaving my nose and mouth out so I can breathe, and spending a couple of hours in what’s almost sensory deprivation, so I can lay still and let the hot water work on my muscles and joints. If I’ve never said before, I’ve been in 3 rear-end collisions, and gotten whiplash on all of them, so my neck isn’t very tolerant of stresses. I’ve also learned I can’t carry door sections resting on top of my head, as that weight compresses my neck wrong, and I’ll start getting pain in a couple of hours, which turns into a migraine if my stubbornness doesn’t let me take something in time. “It’s not that bad. I don’t need anything yet.” Yep, that ends well, heh.

I’ve had a few dreams that I only recall parts of when I wake up, but a couple had BL make a cameo while the rest of it was mundane. I also so SB again, and BD in passing. Of course, I dream of working entirely too frequently. I’ve kinda stopped blogging my dreams if it’s just a lot of work content, as I know most people aren’t going to understand what I’m talking about. If I’m going to publicly blog dreams, it’s probably best I make it easy to follow. Well… at least without the technical jargon.

I had to do a two-man job on my own yesterday, so I’m planning to just lay around today. I’ll try and deal with laundry tonight, so I can just do the other stuff needs done tomorrow.

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