Fact Fiction in Politics

  • Jan. 30, 2021, 6:04 p.m.
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They said it is a baseless far-right conspiracy that our leaders are working together with the World Economic Forum to end our sovereignty as individuals and as nations. That was a lie, that was a gaslight. They’re all discussing it candidly now and this is starting to make its way to the mainstream. Our world leaders just had a summit to discuss the Great Reset. It’s down to the wire. It’s so frustrating because people just choose to be ignorant. They will regret it soon enough when it becomes illegal to own money. That is when they will wake up and that is why we are being kept in the dark. No more savings, no more retirement. You will be forced to be dependant on the government who will make all your decisions for you. That is what they all mean by Build Back Better. They want a dystopia and they want us all to live under medical tyranny forever.

It was spreading disinformation to say that the PCR was causing a casedemic. We were censored, cancelled and gaslit by big tech, big media and big government. One hour after Biden’s inauguration the World Health Organization admitted that the PCR was running too many amplification cycles. This won’t mean anything to the feckless cable news cultists that jumped in on that gaslighting. If they haven’t died from bacterial pneumonia and the vaccines already that is. Challenging the science is a seditious act now.

It was misinformation that Hydroxychloroquine was effective at saving lives and now that Biden is president the American Journal of Medicine is willing to admit that they were wrong. 440, 000 deaths later. Of course, this means nothing to the cable news cult. Only feelings matter and their feelings feel better now. “Who cares, they died.” - Chris Cuomo

It was conspiracy theory to claim that the US election in 2020 was anything less than safe. Now Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, was caught lying about the results. A lot is still coming to light with that but they’re making it a crime to question election integrity. It’s labelled inciting violence and sedition. America is a banana republic but the feckless cable news cultists don’t care. They will soon enough.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign. Now it’s online for the world to see. He has photos of him naked around little girls who are wearing lingerie but the cable news cult still thinks Hunter is a victim.

Biden being a pervert around little girls was just a baseless far-right Q-anon conspiracy theory. Now his daughter’s diary was leaked to the internet and she does not deny that it is hers. She claims she was molested and that he would take inappropriate showers with her. The cable news cult won’t believe it until their media tells them to so this is just Russian disinformation until the news says otherwise. Naturally.

It was a baseless far-right conspiracy to say that vaccines cause autism. Now that the CDC was taken to court to prove their claim that it doesn’t it is no longer a conspiracy. The CDC had to take down their claim that it doesn’t. Of course, the cable news cultists will still think that spreading misinformation and challenging the science is blasphemy and that those who question things should be punished.

It was conspiracy theory to call the news fake but now we have Project Veritas absolutely exposing these phonies with their own words. It is now a fact that CNN manufactured a white supremacy narrative about Trump. It is not a fact that ABC sat on the Epstein story for three years before it broke out to protect the elites. He has a wall full of retractions from journalists who were caught lying.

It was a baseless conspiracy theory to say that the system was rigged. Now with Gamestop and the main street vs wall street on the stock exchange we can see how rigged it actually is. It goes all the way up to the white house. I don’t know about the left-wingers but the people on the right are happy to see that people are putting their differences aside with this one. Will this be what unites us? It’s an exciting thing to see the left wake up and see the swamp for themselves. No wonder they need a wall around the capital. We ended fAsCiSm you guys.

In my country, it was a baseless conspiracy that we had COVID camps. My government is giving itself the authority to regulate our speech online and regulate what information we look at and talk about to protect us from such conspiracies and misinformation. Now, you are forced to take a con-19 test at the airport when you arrive home. If you test positive they force you into a covid camp. It’s already happening and they’re not disclosing to us where they are taking people.

It was misinformation and conspiracy that my Prime Minister was working with China. Now it is a fact that he is training them on winter survival on our soil. China’s Liberation Army is currently flight training in Alberta.

It was disinformation that Trudeau helped cover up the pandemic with China and now we have a leaked document showing that our soldiers brought it home from the Wuhan Military Games in 2019. There is a media blackout about it, the cable news cultists still choose to be lied to. Our RCMP is showing up to reporter’s doors now over it because we a commie country now. I wonder when our police switch to the brown shirts?

People keep saying that we are in the age of Aquarius and so people will magically be able to synthesize thoughts for themselves again. The digitally literate ones are indeed doing that. The majority of Gen X and Boomers will not make it. Not in this lifetime. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. The media is not informing people but there is global unrest everywhere. The revolution has started. Globalism is falling apart. These globalists are going to have to overthrow us the old fashion way and they’re doing just that. You either figured out what is actually going on or you didn’t. The vaccine holocaust also started. The data is accessible but the covid cult is lining up for it anyway. There is no getting through to them. I can replace one of these people with another they’ll just say the same things. The science works, trust the science. Anti-vaxxer = bad. Whatever, they can have fun with the anal swabs.

lol I criticized Trudeau on Facebook and now I’m not allowed to comment or post for 24hrs.

Last updated January 30, 2021

Neogy Titwhistle January 30, 2021

Globalist? You mean all humans living on one little rock spinning through space?

TommyGnosis Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ January 30, 2021

No, I'm talking about those trying to grow a global government

Neogy Titwhistle TommyGnosis ⋅ January 31, 2021

And you believe a global government would not be viable, preferable over extinction? How are 197 independent countries doing as far as continuing the viability of life on the planet? Lines drawn for any reason was always a bad idea.

Small Town Girl January 30, 2021

My brother told me the other day that he keeps seeing posts from people stating that "The Handmaid Tale" is becoming a reality. People are starting to wake up. But will enough wake up or stop choosing to ignore these things beofre its too late?

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ January 30, 2021

I haven't read that book or watched that show. People also bring up the Hunger Games. I think we all need to read more books lol. I'm one to talk though

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