Mood Poisoning in Politics

  • Jan. 28, 2021, 12:28 p.m.
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I’m feeling like a brat because I’m feeling a little sulky. I don’t know why the wild wild web wants to fight with me. I just spent an hour writing an entry here on PB and it logged me out when I tried to publish it. That has never happened to me before. I’ve lost entire entries while writing them but not that way at least. I was trying to log into my CRA account and they changed their security measures on me, it requires them to text me a secret passcode. Which didn’t send! Now I’m locked out until tomorrow for trying too many times to get them to send me that secret little passcode. They said I could call them to unlock it, last time I called them I waited 90 minutes to get to speak to somebody. I hit one for English and that was broken too. I didn’t have the patience for that then and I don’t have that patience now. That call dropped after 20 minutes of repeating myself over and over. Impatience is my toxic trait. I’ll just try again tomorrow.

It is freezing in this city. -50c almost and I cannot get warm. I cannot get my car to start either. Matt decided that he needs to save money so I’m not allowed to plug my car in. They didn’t adjust what I am paying them for rent either. I’m sleeping on a couch and living out of a suitcase. It randomly makes my eye twitch, it’s annoying because I should just be grateful here. I’m just so crowded. There is no private space for me here. This basement is the toy room and these kids do not use their inside voices. My niece should be in school! I do prefer her at home though because the face masks are abuse. Either you know that or you’re a cable news cultist and brainwashed. These kids are jumping on me and on the couch from six in the morning. There is no respect for anyone else’s sleep. It’s been three months of sleep deprivation. This lack of structure in my life makes my mood disorders difficult to manage. I’ve lobotomized myself with positive thinking and made myself comfortable at rock bottom. I’ve also created my classic positive feedback loop of becoming afraid of everything. I get anxious about everything and I slipped into my habit of procrastinating and hiding. All of which is fixable. I just needed to rant. Ok, ta.

Evelyn January 28, 2021

-50c?!!!! Holy crap!! I get cold at 10c! Crazy!

That's weird how PB logged you out. I really hope they're not trying to censor people here too.

TommyGnosis Evelyn ⋅ January 28, 2021

I don't think I'm being censored. I've heard of it on here but it's more like a warning comment sort of thing.

Evelyn TommyGnosis ⋅ January 29, 2021

Yeaaaa I've gotten that warning comment too. 🙄

TommyGnosis Evelyn ⋅ January 29, 2021

lol you rebel you

Evelyn TommyGnosis ⋅ January 29, 2021


anticlimatic January 28, 2021

Man, I remember the last time I was in a place like that. Someday you will look back and miss parts of it, kids won't be jumping on you forever!

TommyGnosis anticlimatic ⋅ January 29, 2021

I know that will be true

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