IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE in Postcards 4

  • Jan. 27, 2021, 1 p.m.
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He had tried all over the internet to find his favorite socks. He has a funky ankle which gives him an plus funky foot. These soft socks give him the extra padding that makes him comfortable. I admit that Amazon had only one pair, but I went to the “World Softest Sock” site and found the classic socks he loves.

I asked, “How many do you want?”

“Six,” he replied and came around the desk to see that I was actually on the right site.

With the magic of Paypal, We had soft socks in the blink of an eye. Poof.

Himself: Washing the sheets.
Myself: Taking a day off…as if retirement wasn’t a life off. Saved all my JPG’s and Journals to my new hard drive. All my writings too.
Reading: Peter Bowen’s “Ash Child.” Rereading the whole series by Bowen. Ordered two more Longmires.
Watching: “Finding your Roots,” focusing on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. NCIS.
Photo: George and his brother in Pakistan with their bodyguard.
Gratitude’s: I sure am.

Zipster January 27, 2021

Hooray for soft socks! The magic of the internet.

NorthernSeeker January 28, 2021

Retired people need to take days off. Good work sourcing out those socks.

Marg January 28, 2021

Is that George on the left as you look at the photo? That bodyguard looks a bit scary!

Marg January 28, 2021

And now that you’ve sourced George’s socks go look for ones for me that don’t slide round my foot all day for no apparent reason (only kidding :)

Narrator January 28, 2021

Huzzah for socks! :)

gattaca January 28, 2021 (edited January 28, 2021)


I only wear white cotton socks. (Unless it's a wedding/funeral/church I have to dress up for).
I glad George has 'happy socks' :-)
George might like these. They're not 100% cotton, but they are VERY comfortable.

MageB gattaca ⋅ January 28, 2021

I will send him there. You can check out "WORLD'S SOFTEST SOCKS."

Kristi1971 January 29, 2021

There is almost nothing better than a new pair of soft socks. :)

Jinn January 31, 2021

George lived in Pakistan as a child ?

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