GEORGE'S BIRTHDAY in Postcards 4

  • Jan. 27, 2021, 6:26 a.m.
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Yes, it is. And this kind loving man got up early to get me up and us off to the PET scan place. I really adore him.

Have I told you the story of the man who came to dinner? I had an old, cranky friend sleeping on my sofa. She was here in town looking for a job and didn’t want to sleep on her mom’s sofa. One day she met a tall, handsome man. She invited him to dinner, but he realized she was predatory. He said he would come to dinner if he could bring his roommate. She said yes.

She cleaned up the cottage. She baked a pork roast. They were all nice and cozy together when I got home from work. I took one look at the cute bearded roommate and was gone. He had enough sense to try and fade away into the background. It didn’t work. I put a lot of work into being a better person to match his better person, and I’m so lucky to have him in my life now for 38 years.

He bought himself a full Sous Vide set for Christmas. After the holidays, he bought a cute little red, dehydrator for all the fruits that came with our free dinners that we aren’t eating. This week he bought us new backup hard drives. (I hadn’t known they were so appallingly expensive.) He’s been kind to himself. He said the hard drives were his birthday gifts to himself.

He needs socks. I think they stopped making the only ones he really likes.

Himself: Happy Birthday dearest G.
Myself: Radioactive be me.
Reading: Nothing….I read all the Longmires.
Watching: KPBS
Photo: I took it.
Gratitude’s: That the rest of my day is free. That all my photos and journals will have a backup home.

GypsyWynd January 27, 2021

Happy Birthday 🎂, George!

toddslife January 27, 2021

Happy birthday George

Ragdolls January 27, 2021

Happy Birthday George!

Jinn January 27, 2021

I live reading how you met. Happy Birthday to G. He is a very good man.

Marg January 27, 2021

Love at first sight! It’s so lovely to hear of a loving, lasting partnership these days. Happy Birthday George!

NorthernSeeker January 28, 2021

Happy Birthday to George. Time does fly doesn't it? The story of your meeting would make a good screen play.

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