Fake Back Better in Politics

  • Jan. 26, 2021, 2:05 p.m.
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It’s a baseless conspiracy theory because the news says so but Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, is pushing The Great Reset hard right now under the guise of climate change, it’s an absolute crisis and we need to fight the weather together. The pandemic flopped. There is a Great Reset summit next week and our leaders are going there to discuss it. The president of China is even demanding that we double down on growing the UN. They all denounced national populism which is exactly the movement that Trump started. It’s a little reassuring that Klaus recently stated that he would never invite Trump to their globalist events. They’re rushing this “Build Back Better” plan for that reset. Of course, it was called a far-right conspiracy theory a few months ago but now it’s being discussed openly just not on the news. The supine, feckless, insipid cable news cultists won’t believe or think anything without permission from the cable news. As long as they keep the truth out of the news they will have deniability. That’s what the logic appears to be anyway. The digitally illiterate ones are told to believe that everything that comes from the internet is misinformation and conspiracy and to only trust authoritative sources. My language regarding those brainwash victims is harsh, I know. I used to try and be gentle about it but it’s pointless. They’re not spiritually dead but they act like a program, like software. I can show them the true information that the news is talking about from the government websites so they can see how the information was distorted and the LARPers will still see nothing. They’re that demoralized. They choose to be lied to and to participate in spreading those lies. Watching them spread the lie that police were hunting down people of colour last summer made me lose respect for the sheep. People die resisting arrest and if you’re told that you’re being hunted you’re going to resist. Why people want that blood on their hands is beyond me. Just rub a few brain cells together, think things through. These sheep are emotionally hijacked, permanently.

Our leaders use soft language like “sustainability” to seduce the masses. Without any cerebral constitution, this plan sounds like the best thing that could ever happen for humanity. It’s going to save the environment and create equality by taxing the hell out of us. We stand accused of creating those problems and our leaders are the innocent victims here. Of course, the masses will be in for a shock once they realize that their government is feeding them to the wolves. You’re not going to be allowed to own property or even be allowed to own money. There is no room for individual rights either. The UN wants to have control over all resources, all water, all land, all jobs, all education, all healthcare, all animals and all people. They will make all decisions for us and the one that disturbs me the most is them managing our health for us. They want to vaccinate the hell out of us. The WHO changed the definition of herded immunity to one that is only possible through vaccines. That’s one step closer to immunity only coming from vaccines. The vaccine holocaust already started. Transhumanism sounds like science fiction but they already started to vaccinate us with the test kits. Con-19 is so potent in our saliva that we have to wear masks right? Yet, instead of swabbing the inside of our mouths to test for it, they have to probe near the blood-brain barrier. Like, c’mon man. Big pharma has absolutely no problem lying to us and deceiving us. Pfizer is the heavyweight champion of losing the largest lawsuit against them in history. They were sued for misleading the public. The cable news worshippers are not told to think things through, just trust the science. You’re a heretic if you don’t believe the science. Don’t be a science denier… but thank god for science deniers because we would still be spraying everyone with DDT. Also, thank god for spreading “misinformation” because the CDC is no longer allowed to claim that vaccines do not cause autism thanks to anti-vaxxers taking them to court to force them to prove that claim. That is no longer a fact.

My Deputy Prime Minister of Finance just held a conference to discuss our plan to Build Back Better. Climate was the main priority in her budget and she explained nothing to us at all. Just tossed around a few buzzwords for the masses. She then tried to paint Canada as a victim of Trump because national populism hurt our economy and not their scamdemic response… tariffs, how evil. It toppled our economy. We are being conditioned to embrace globalism and to view national populism as selfish. We are also being conditioned to view individual liberty and freedom as selfish also. Libertarians were just clumped into extremism in the US. If you let a person have freedoms, things like free speech and private wealth they will become white supremacists. That’s what they are selling. Conservatives want governments to leave us alone which makes us extremists because liberals can’t function without government so that makes us the axis of evil. Personal responsibility is an extremist view now. It’s funny how I get these little covert narcissists who refuse to accept that they just suck at life commenting on here trying to convince me that I am radicalized, while in the same comment they are endorsing re-education camps. Narcissists, I’m not buying the confusion they’re trying to sell. I’m not accepting their half-ass standards, no mam.

Project Veritas exposed CNN a few months ago for fabricating fake news, that whole Trump is a white supremacist rhetoric. Do the cultists care? No. They want to keep drinking that kool-aid. It’s their narcissist supply, they get to be the good guys in that made-up hero story. Whatever the story, they get to virtue signal and feel like a good person without having to actually do anything. Now Project Veritas exposed ABC for burying the Epstein story to protect the elites. There is footage of the news anchor talking about it. She had the story long before it came out. Will this mean anything to the cultists? No. Their news is gospel and can do no wrong. Project Veritas is doing a great job exposing the elites. He exposed Big Tech for their mass censorship. ANTIFA was just targetted, heck even Drag Race fan pages were targetted and banned. Why leftists thought they would be immune is beyond me. These cable news cultists though, these people, we can’t help them. They are not going to make it. They’re just not. They’re too indentured into this matrix. Real-life is not for them. They’ll keep gaslighting and perpetuating all the fear porn while destroying themselves. You’ll see.

I’m just getting all of this out while I still can. It’s going to be a crime soon to question my government and to question science. It’s already happening in the US. Brandon Straka was just arrested by the FBI. He is the founder of the Walk Away Campaign. He was exposing the Democrats as liars who exploit minorities for political gain. Exposing the news as fake. The US government is acting like the CCP, I wonder why? lol. The Biden administration was talking about defunding the US military altogether and just relying on China’s Liberation Army. Too much potential white supremacy in the US army. The writing is on the wall, anyone who has read a history book knows what comes next. A revolution is indeed coming I just don’t know which way it is going to go. We’re just looking at America right now and shaking our heads. Those of us who are awake enough at least. Stop fighting each other, look up! The invisible enemy is hiding in plain sight. France got it right, Italy got it right. We need America to get it right. You either figured it out by now or you didn’t. I think Biden will trigger another awakening. People are at least waking up to him. He went from vote for me I have the ultimate con-19 plan to there is nothing we can do. He went from I will not ban fracking to you can find another job. He also raised the cost of medicine, spat in the face of union workers and then ended feminism all in one day lol. Whatever, we’ll see what happens. The cable news cult won’t see what happens, right away but it’s down to the wire. Texas is ready to the republic, there is some hope there. Alberta is ready to do the same, the premier is open about the Great Reset and does not want it. The Australian PM is not on board either. That explains why China is all up in their grill. Whatever. It’s all about to be torn apart. For better or for worse.

Last updated January 26, 2021

Small Town Girl January 27, 2021 (edited January 27, 2021)


Hes going for the record on most executive orders any one president can place. I wonder how all his voters feel about his already stopping his student loan forgiveness plan. I cant believe ppl actually thought that was feasible.

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ January 27, 2021

I saw a pile of tweets of people experiencing buyer's remorse. That amount of executive orders made a lot of them feel like B is a dictator. Fraud vitiates everything so I can only hope that the military takes control of the defunct government. "We have everything" Trump and his team kept saying. They didn't get a chance to present any evidence to the courts because they wouldn't even look at it so I can only hope it was all given to the military who would have to fulfill an oath and take control. It's obvious that the defunct Biden administration is trying so hard to legitimize him. Wag the dog style.

Small Town Girl TommyGnosis ⋅ January 27, 2021

Lolol they they think B is a dictator now?! But thats what they say about Trump! Those leftists are never going to be happy.

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ January 28, 2021

Well, B is the one who said to his brainwashed fanbase that it was a dictator move to use executive orders instead of a consensus and BOOM.

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