National Socialist Woke Party of America in Politics

  • Jan. 23, 2021, 5:40 p.m.
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According to the Washington Post, we need to think in terms of Multiracial whiteness to understand Trump supporters. As a white person of colour, I should be concerned about the rise of black whiteness. Race is a social construct now, officially. It was already being used to measure privilege. These leftists are victims of indoctrination, I have to remind myself of that. I used to have that brainwash. I still know how to leftist and live in that made-up hero story.

When Hillary Baldwin was exposed by far-left hate groups for presenting as a different heritage than what she was born with we should have celebrated her for living her truth. We finally have transrace representation in Hollywood. Accusing someone of cultural appropriation is racephobic. Race and ethnicity are two different things. Race is a social construct. Whiteness is a spectrum and can be multiracial, the Washington Post just said so. We should start a 501(c) organization to raise awareness about transrace issues. The divisive rhetoric from Biden supporters is hate speech and it is inciting violence against the transrace community. Big tech needs to get involved and put a stop to these far-left hate groups. Transrace identities need to be recognized and protected by the government as well. We should be raising children to be race-neutral until they can decide their race when they’re older. If you can’t see the racephobia then you are part of the problem.

We’re already in the upside-down so why not? We are in the sinking place. The west was ideologically subverted to destabilize society so that the government could step in a grow like a cancer into our lives to “help”. You either know this or you don’t. This was 10-15 years in the making. It’s the classic problem - reaction - solution. Politicians always start the story in the middle of course. The writing is on the wall. They are taking our freedom of speech and expression under the guise of protecting people’s fee-fees and protecting people from misinformation and wrong think. Next, they will want to collect all firearms and that should be a red flag that the government is about to do something to their citizens but it isn’t.

The rhetoric against conservatives is not exactly new. They’re already refusing them services and talking about re-education camps. Some extremists are even talking about slaughter. Prisoners of conscience is where we are heading. It’s especially obvious when you know that the deep state is being run by the CCP. Reversing this ideological subversion is not impossible but we are at the tipping point. We can do it now without military and war if we could just leave space for differences of opinion but the victim entitlement on the left is in the way. It is even enabled. It is fanned and fueled by big tech and big media. We’ll see where this goes. Disagreeing with your government is inciting violence now and questioning the effectiveness of vaccines is sedition. Leftists were indoctrinated to create this mess. Conform to their radical ideologues, which harm children, or be gaslit into believing there is something wrong with you. All this because supporting national populism was too hard to understand.

Miss Chiffs Manager January 23, 2021

Funny. and unfortunately true.

Silver Satan January 23, 2021

Well... what's the use of being a radical if I don't get slaughtered and or burned at the stake for being one I suppose. Just promise me, that when they light me up on CNN or whatever media feels the obligation to cover it, you'll be on-site with marshmallows. Large fluffy ones, preferably of different colors.

You do that I might be able to manage to say something sardonic in pig Latin as the flames engulf me. :p

TommyGnosis Silver Satan ⋅ January 25, 2021


Silver Satan TommyGnosis ⋅ January 25, 2021

Hey go out in a bonfire, at the hand of people you've pissed off for being yourself, or you aren't doing it right. 😉

anticlimatic January 24, 2021

How does one take the high road and preserve their dignity when their opponant never does?

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