First full Week in 2021

  • Jan. 21, 2021, 3:57 p.m.
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I sit here 10 minutes from completing my first full week working from home. Its different than I thought it would be. But over all I am enjoying it.

Last night Swayze’s cw did a 6:30 visit. Which is fine she never stays long. Just pops her head in. BUT she informed us that she is looking for other employment. She claims she will try to stay to see us finished since we are so close. LORD let this not be pushed back anymore than it already has been.

Hubby and I are sorta kind of house hunting. We like were we are for the most part. If we didn’t have the littles it would be PERFECT. I just don’t want to raise them in a big city. I want them to be able to go play in the back yard without me standing over them AND BE SAFE. I want to be close to my kids/family/grandbaby but not so far away from hubby’s family/work.

We had one house that was PERFECT til we found the mold, and the fuse box :/. My electrician best friend said absolutely NOT.

We have an appointment to look at a house that is promising tomorrow. I don’t want to get to excited.

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