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  • Jan. 18, 2021, 7:56 p.m.
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Muffin, you may not want to read this one*

I swear, I am so done and over with people and retail. If I have to never work another store front based retail job again it will be to soon.
Was off today, but went in through the mall with D on his way to work this morning because I wanted to pick up some ingredients for supper that I could throw in the slow cooker.
Walked past work, to notice the store front lights were still out, and happened to notice E was letting a customer out of the store, so stopped to ask.
Apparently we had like 60 boxes of stock come in, and boss lady wanted to clear it up quick so she shut the store front to get her and E out back to clear it up.
Then he tells me I MAY want to go talk to her, cause apparently she had just received a threat!!!
A customer had called in, and wanted a price adjustment because she bought something from OUR store Saturday, and then found out that the MM store (which is closing this week) is at 80%.
We are officially not allowed to do any exchanges, returns (except online returns, they are under different exceptions) and price adjustments. Our system is actually blocked now against them.
Anyway, she called to find out about getting an adjustment and E (who answered the phone) told her that we were not able to do so. Apparently she wanted to speak to boss lady, so E put her on with the customer, and before the conversation ended, Boss lady told me the customer told her she was rude, and (get this!) To Go Hang Herself!
Especially seeing as you got the item at 70% off to start with AND it was probably something super low priced as well!!!

I had another argument with a customer Saturday, who bought an item back in NOVEMBER, asking about an exchange, again we can’t really do anything anymore. SO boss lady tells me how I can work around it, so I start doing up, and long story short she wasn’t happy with it, even with alllll the signs up around the store, she still argued with me that she simply could not accept the amount of money I could give her back on top of her exchange, that it wasn’t good enough, and that I needed to do something else.
Tells me apparently her husband came in and was told that we could totally do an exchange, and so I asked her when he was in…
IT WAS LAST MONTH!!!!!!!!!! When stores are closing, things change every day! We try to adjust and accommodate for customers as we can, but there really is only so much we can do.
Short version, called boss lady over, (she had heard most of the exchange already) and when she told the customer this was the only way it could be done at our store. When she repeated to boss lady the do something else line she tried on me, BL told her, take the offer or go to our 3rd location ( has no close date yet so the system is not restricted).

I just can not wait until the end of February. I have that customers # from today written down, and have posted it with a note NOT to answer if she calls again, and if she DARES come to the store, I WILL kick her out/call security. Because there is no need to say that to someone, EVER.

Muffin Princess January 19, 2021

That is just disgusting. Some people need to take a look at themselves and sort out their priorities. Thank you for the trigger warning 💜

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ January 19, 2021

hey! we may not talk often, but I always think of you :) <3
And yes, it is simply disgusting.. ppl are getting worse every damn day. I wish our store would just damn well close, but i have just over a month to push through, and I am no longer serving ppl with a sugared spoon. I can't anymore.

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