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  • Jan. 16, 2021, 12:48 a.m.
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So, I had my pre-op appointment with my ankle surgeon on Wednesday. I had to let him know about my unfortunate accident with the ball hitch on December 24th. Which is still bruised, by the way. The bruise also spread up to the front of my shin, just above the ankle for some reason. I’m not surprised though, ugh.

So he discussed everything that he will be doing on Monday. I have to be there at 5:30AM for my surgery at 7:30AM. It will probably take about 2 or 3 hours because he not only has to do the arthroscopy (which is what I had done back in April of 2019) but he’s also repairing the outside ligament and stretching my achilles tendon.

SOOOO That’s going to be fun. I think he said he has to flip me in order to do the achilles but I’m not 100 percent on that (my five key doesn’t work and I don’t want to go across my keyboard to press the one on the number pad lmfao)

ANYway, so that was Wednesday. Had to go on Monday to get a COVID test for my surgery. Got that done, no prob. Negativo. Monday was busy. I had the CV test at 11, talked to my rheumy for 3 minutes for my appointment. meh. then Randy had Physical therapy so we did that.

Wednesday was the foot dr and more PT, Yesterday he had PT and an appointment with his case worker. We kind of just laid around in bed for a good while and then scooted up to his PT at 2. Got some food at BK and then came home. Today got up and drove halfway across town to see my hand specialist for the numbness and stuff I’ve been having in both hands.

I have moderate carpal tunnel in my right hand and mild carpal tunnel in the left hand. But he said my muscles looked good, didn’t show any signs of wasting, which is good. He wanted to do steroid injections on both wrists, but I told him I’m having surgery on Monday and so we put it off until after I see Dr. A for my follow up afterwards. So approx 3 weeks. The steroid can effect the blood sugar and we don’t want that to cancel my surgery.

Soooo that was fun. Then I had to go get some bloodwork done, pee in a cup and have an EKG. Just to make sure everything is good for me to go under anesthesia. eyes cross

Oh lordt. So that is good stuff. The weekend will be filled with cleaning and making shit in the instant pot that I can put in the freezer. I already made a batch of broccoli beef and I’m going to make some red chile pork and some green chile stew. We got some like meal prep containers from Sam’s. 30 of them for like $7. So the recipe I used was for 4 servings, but I upped the amount of meat and like twice the amount of broccoli because I love broccoli with all of my heart and soul.

So, I got 4 Steph-Sized portions of B&B in the freezer. That’s not something Randy will eat, so it’s all for me. It came out good! I’ll just have him make me some instant rice or something with it.

I’m basically going to be living in the bedroom for 2 weeks because Dr. A wants me to be off of it COMPLETELY, as little movement as possible because we’re doing a ligament and a tendon.

I’m so ready for it to happen but at the same time I’m not. We did, thankfully, talk about pain management. Last time, two years ago, it was my first surgery, I had NO idea what to expect and I was in the most pain I’ve ever been in my life. Randy had to take me to the ER two days after my surgery because I thought it was infected. No, just really fucking hurt. So I told him about that. So on top of the vicodin, i’ll be getting the antibiotics, probably doxycycline which sucks ASS. Major migraines and lots and lots of vomit for me. But it does its job. I’ll also get some gabapentin he said, because of the tendons and ligament and i’ll have to get some baby aspirin, take that for like a month after the surgery to prevent clots since he’s going into the back of my leg for the achilles.

Most importantly though, he is going to give me the same extended release morphine that they gave me from the ER last time. I told him I REALLY don’t want to go to the ER after this surgery lol. I’m not on any of my meds until the 25th. That was good.

Randy has to drop me off Monday morning at 5:30, like I said and then my surgery is at 7:30. He will have to pick me up at like 9 I’m going to assume, depending on what happens and how long it takes, etc. I’m going to assume I will be the first of the day, if he has more than one. My arthroscopy took an hour and a half last time, he said that was the longest one he’s done. Hopefully that part isn’t too bad.

He kind of just shook his head at all the other stuff I’d done. And we did talk about my left ankle doing the spiky collar thing every once in a while. It feels like a spiked collar is turned inside out and just cinched around the ankle joint. He said that’s the same issue as my right one. But if it’s not bad we won’t worry about it right now. It happens once or twice a month. Sometimes less. It’s just one of those things I have to be wary of because I know it happens and it’s extremely painful.

SO that one will most likely have to be done in a few years. I’m saying like 3, unless the actemra magically fixes it.

Randy and I were talking about jobs too. We were on our way to his PT and there was a dude surveying the road in front of us. So he just mentioned how that’s probably one of the most boring jobs. And I just said “but it probably pays good”. So he was talking about doing like a sign spinner job but said he would need to sit in a chair.

I mentioned how I would love to go back to work. Do something like Sam’s club, with a chair. I know they have to offer ADA accommodations, but the rejection from jobs will be hard to handle at first. Anyway, I told him, I’m not quite there yet. I need to get onto the steady rigamarole of all my medications, the actemra, the botox, everything for a good solid 6 months at a time. So, yeah. Will discuss in 2022.

But yeah, I guess that’s about it. This weekend will be football and cleaning. Hope you all have a good one.

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