Working It in Thirty-Five

  • Jan. 13, 2021, 2:29 a.m.
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I’ve been painting. As most of you have already seen on Facebook. I’m still trying to gather the funds for Fievel. His tail is starting to get worse. But, we’re working on it.

I have a few paintings I’ve done that I’m trying to sell. I just kind of sat down one day and was like, you know what, let me see what I can do. I bought all the shit on a whim. Now, I’m like having fun with it, but I can’t even enjoy it because I’m going to have all these paintings and no rat.

le sigh

I don’t know what people want me to do. Hop in circles with a fire baton? I don’t know how else to “work” for what I need when the only things I can do, nobody wants.

I haven’t heard a peep from a single family member of mine about anything. NOT even any support. A few nice painting here and there, but that’s it. I had ONE friend share my gofundme. ONE.

Like I told them, It’s not that I’m upset that I’m not getting donations, I get it. I’m MORE upset that I can’t even get someone to tell someone about it. I said, there’s gotta be someones aunt or uncle or cousin or sibling that has a soft spot for animals and HAS THE ABILITY to help. I just want it to get shared. That’s all.

I’m just worried I’m going to wake up and Fievel will be dead. I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s a few of my paintings. These are all pictures I’ve taken in the past.

alt text alt text alt text alt text

The only one not available is the Space Wolves one, that one is for my hubby. He asked for it, so I made it. It actually got like 3200 views and a bunch of comments on TikTok lol. So yeah. That was fun.

Anywho, I guess that’s it.

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