Krampus in Tales of Voracious

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I sat in the old house, listening to the soft cries from neighboring homes, as children were judged by the saint and his demonic accomplice. On the table beside me sat an array of items, ranging from carefully crafted artificial erections to the chains and whips I had come to know he craved.

A thud on the roof had me glance up, but for a moment, before I sipped the mulled wine. The fire crackled hungrily in the corner, illuminating the home. Feet creaked on the stairs as he climbed down, walking with hoofed feet down the old wood. His shadow flickered on the wall, revealing the curvature of horns and a long, languid tongue that flicked in the air.

I smiled at him, letting the demon’s eyes settle on my body. He stopped, chains dangling from his ankles, and stared. “I’ve heard,” I smirked as I stood. “That you have been a very naughty boy.”

His eyes narrowed and he stepped down onto the floor, abandoning the stairs behind him. I approached, looking up at the anthropomorphic beast with lust in my own eyes. In his hand was a gathering of reeds, painted gold, and in the other a great sack. It squirmed as muffled crying came from it.

I shook my head. “Now now, you know better, pet. You’re not supposed to take them. Just… give them a lump of coal.”

The long tongue flicked the air and he tilted his head, considering me. I gently took the reeds from him, waiting until he let them go before running my fingers through them. “You’re going to let them out and then I’m going to remind you what happens to boys who are naughty. Is that what you want? A lesson? A reminder?”

I glanced to the ankle chains, evidence of what had once happened before he had become this. Krampus paused, eyes watching me in silent consideration before the sack dropped to the floor. Within a few moments, the child inside had opened the top and tumbled out, face ruddy from weeping.

“Home. Now.” I nodded towards the door. The child cried when they saw the monster, then stumbled towards the door and outward, leaving the creature and I alone. He smiled for the first time and took a step towards me.

The reeds flicked over his outstretched hand. “You know better.”

He blinked and then raised his hands, palm up. I smiled at his memory, at how long ago I had first put him in chains. “Do you want these?” I asked, raising the chains from the table. The beast nodded, saying nothing.

The reeds landed on the table as I bound him, attaching him to anchor points on the ceiling and floor. He struggled dramatically, stopping only when I ran my hand through the thick fur of his back and snaked my hand down over his hip, and curved it towards the front of him. A sharp gasp came from his lips and his hips pumped as I stroked him for the first time.

“I’ve missed you,” I whispered to his ear as my hand gently and painfully slowly moved over his excitement, bringing growls and wanton moans to his lip. He let out a barking sound of frustration when I stopped. My hand instead moved to the table, picking up the flogger, braided leather soft yet firm in my hand.

“You’ve been very bad.” My voice held authority as I turned to look at him, his eagerness growing at the sight of the whip. “What happens to bad boys, pet?”

His voice dripped with excitement. “Punishment.”

I smiled and cracked the whip on his chest. He groaned, clawed hands grabbing at his chains. I walked around him, smacking the leather against his body, again and again, his purrs of excitement egging me on. The fur protected him so I hit harder, enjoying every squeal he released.

“I think you’re enjoying this too much for a bad boy.” He quivered in the chains as I picked up the reeds, letting them trail along his body. “What do you think?”

His long tongue unfurled at me, flicking my nipple then my lips. I smirked and hit the side of his cheek with his reeds. Krampus snarled, hunger in his eyes. The reeds made a glorious smacking sound as they hit his thighs, stomach, chest, and even his engorged length, sending his calls for more to higher notes.

The creature panted, sagging slightly in his chains, as I slid leather over my hips and pulled my next instrument into position. “Is this what you want?” My voice was silk as I grabbed his horn and pulled his head down to look at the carved apparatus waiting for him. “Hm?”

Languidly he flicked his tongue down, as though to taste the instrument. I reached up and unchained his arms, letting him bend over to lap at the length. “Good boy. See, you can be good. Cleary Nick doesn’t know what to do with you.” I let the chains drop and held his horns, pumping the toy in and out of his mouth, his tongue wrapping around it as it thrust into him.

“You got it all wet,” I whispered to him. Stepping back, I attached the chains to the ground, keeping him in a bent position. He shuddered, whimpering as I walked around him, fingers petting his hair as I moved.

“Is this what you want?” I asked as I pressed the length against his entrance, teasing just the tip of it in him. He bucked his hips, trying to get more inside, and moaned lowly. “Then since you’ve been so good…”
My hips thrust, pushing the length deep within him. Krampus called out, demonic tongue wriggling as he pushed himself back against me, taking more in. slowly I moved my hips, pulling the toy out and thrusting back in. My hands held to the fur of his hips, pulling him into me, each thrust harder than the last. The beast beneath me shivered and groaned, claws digging into the wooden floor leaving long grooves.

Each thrust brought a cry of delight from the yuletide creature, his hips bucking to match my strokes. My hand grabbed his horn, pulling his head back to drive him deeper onto the length I wore. “Good boy,” I grunted against him, watching his body take what I would give and be grateful. My other hand slid around him, pumping his length as I pushed inside of him, making his sounds wild and frenzied.

The creature shuddered and cried out in a long, gnarled sound of release. His body slumped, hips relaxing as warm liquid filled my hand stroking him. “Very good boy,” I murmured against his back. I slid the length out of him and unlatched it, letting it fall to the floor. The chains were released as he laid there, panting.

He rolled over, staring up at me with sweet gratification in his eyes. “Such a good boy. Now, pet, I’m going to have you use that tongue. After all, good boys get tasty treats.”

A wicked grin spread over his lips as I stepped over him, lowering myself down over his face, resting my hands on his twisted horns. A probing, long, thick tongue immediately was inside me, feeling every crevice and teasing every piece of flesh. Moans whispered out of my lips as I rode his face, bucking against him. Great clawed hands held my thighs and backside, keeping me atop him as I shuddered.

The door of the house opened, winter air spilling inward, as my body shuddered and convulsed on the demonic creature. I looked at our visitor, a high pitched moan escaping me, and smirked. A knowing grin touched his lips as the door slid closed behind him. Thudding steps brought him to me, while my lover continued to lap at my heat.

“He’s all yours,” I finally managed to say to the man in red. His hand stroked my cheek and I pulled his thumb between my lips.

“You’ve been a very good girl,” he whispered, a knowing grin on his jolly face. “I’ve got a very special treat for you.”

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