Help Fievel In The West in Thirty-Five

  • Jan. 10, 2021, 5:17 p.m.
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Hey guys. So I mentioned in my last entry that I needed to get Fievel (my husband’s emotional support animal) to the vet to have his tail amputated.

Well we got him checked out and it’s going to cost $750-$1200 to do so. Obviously don’t have that kind of money.

Fievel is doing ok for now. He doesn’t seem bothered by it and I’m going to get him another round of antibiotics tomorrow to keep his tail from going septic (I’m going to give him a week break to see it plumping him up will do anything).

So I’m putting this out here.

Help Fievel In The West

I’ve already gotten some pretty fucked up responses towards my posting this in various places, as I’m trying to get it out wherever I can. One guy asked for sexual favors. One wanted to feed him to his snake. An organization that helps with vet bills basically told me that my RAT was not worth that much for surgery. Others have said why do you even have pets if you can’t afford to take them to the vet.

Like I completely get it. And I know I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, but in 8 years of owning all the current pets I have, this is the first time I have had one have these kind of problems where they need surgery.

It just boggles my mind how fucking QUIET my Facebook is right now. I have posted other shit that isn’t my GFM and gotten comments and likes and whatnot. But when I post the GFM it’s like crickets.

I’m not mad that people aren’t donating. I’m just angry that everyone is so silent about it. I know he’s MY pet. But yeah I’m just worried.

I have my own ankle surgery next Monday so it’s going to be much harder to do stuff after that.

Oh man. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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