Over it (and domestic update) in A Day in the Life of Me

  • Jan. 9, 2021, 11:27 p.m.
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So the cops showed backup yesterday after I went to work. I still don’t think they were able to make contact with her.
They called me again after they were here the other night for the landlord’s info. Haven’t heard anything since.
They were both home last night as we were getting back from work, and there wasn’t a peep from them.

I officially can not wait for the last day of work being open to the public. I can not believe the amount of ppl who can not simply read a sign.
We have 2 bright pink ones stating how many ppl Max in the store at once, and they can’t seem to follow it. We close the door and they still try to come in.
We have another sign on the inside of said door to “push Gentle” cause it’s a glass door.. I can not tell you how many times it was fucking slammed into the glass wall behind it today..

Big ole CLOSED sign on the door at 6, and I get a “customer” trying to chew me out cause she “didn’t see it” and I was “rude and give bad customer service” because I didn’t TELL her we were closed when I let another customer out.
I told her I figured you saw the sign… She said ‘why would I be standing here if I did’
Told her I would not know. But the sign was there stating the store was closed.
She starts trying to chew me out and I day I’m sorry, but we are closed as the sign states.
Her eyes were so bloodshot, I’m almost positive she was on something

I’m just so over ppl.
We’re also on final sale. It’s stated right on the slips .. we are also still basically in a pandemic… And yet this same woman had been in our store EVERYDAY this week buying and returning.
I told her tonight was the last return/exchange we would honour for her.

Also stressed out as my mom was in out patients last night when I was msging her after I got home.
She’s been having dizzy/nauseous spells and they have apparently gotten more frequent.
On call doc figures she might have vertigo. He gave her a couple pills and a prescription, and booked her in for a scan.
Hopefully find out more soon.
Fucking hate that I couldn’t be there with her, but a friend of hers did take her in and told her if she wasn’t better that she would go get her srip filled for her .

I think that’s enough ranting for today.....

Muffin Princess January 12, 2021

Urgh it sounds like people are taking their frustration out on you for some reason. I went to the pharmacy the other week. The sign said two people inside, and I could see six people in there! I waited outside and people were coming behind me asking why I wasn’t going in. There were five signs that I could see! I don’t know why people ignore them.

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ January 14, 2021

its ALL the time too! and today alone i had 3 ppl walk off in a huff because i told them i was over my max and they would have to wait outside... i don't understand what these ppl don't get!!
We also have started closing the store on days when there is only 2 of us on for lunch so that the solo person doesn't get overwhelmed, and one customer had the gull to ask me just what i though i was doing closing for a lunch break!

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