Domestics (rant) in A Day in the Life of Me

  • Jan. 7, 2021, 10:27 p.m.
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So, just called the cops a bit ago on the neighbors in my old unit.
Another fight.
D said it sounded like he was actually holding a hand over her muffeling her and taunting her. The den is closer to the wall separating our units so he usually hears more and quicker then I do.

Anyone who followed me over in OD knows the situation I was in YEARS ago when I met D.

Domestic violence triggers me.

Having to call the cops triggers me too.
I know how useless it is when the persons they are being called for doesn’t cooperate, but after the last time, when the upstairs ppl emailed the landlord, and D talked to him, he actually told him that if we hear it again to call, some did.
As far as I know they haven’t shown yet.
But I’m sitting here with my guts in knots over the fact that once again I’ve put myself in the middle of this situation.
(Last time we called a domestic it was useless as the ones we called on were known to the police, and there was nothing they could do as the kid refused to press charges.)

The landlord REALLY needs to learn how to screen ppl better.
He had a chance to rent to woman who works at the drug store in the mall ffs and apparently she’s been there for years… So established and responsible… But no.. he rents to 20something party and weed smokers who use it as a club house.

15 years I’ve been here in this house, and most of it in that unit… In the 4 years I’ve been in this one, he’s had 4 different tenants in that one… Seriously dude…

So minutes after posting, a private number called, and turns out it was an officer calling for more details.. dudes I called almost an hour ago?!? Wtf have you been!?!?
Put her on with D cause he (again) heard the most of it, and now here I am laying in bed trying to get to sleep for work tomorrow, feeling sick to my stomach.

Double edit - so as I was editing…they JUST came and knocked on our door.... Ffs
Ugh.. now I’m feeling even MORE nauseous..... Cause they will probably be back… And now they will probably know it was us that called for sure…

Last updated January 07, 2021

Muffin Princess January 11, 2021

Oh wow how scary! Hopefully they won’t know it’s you, the cops shouldn’t have knocked on your door!

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ January 11, 2021

Yea, the only reason was they couldn't see theirs. It's not really noticeable in the dark, as it's under a set of steps, and the light that's higher up the house doesn't shine on it due to said steps.

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