• Jan. 7, 2021, 12:13 p.m.
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You have heard all the words.
You have seen the images.
Like everyone, I was appalled. I was horrified. I believe in protests. I do not believe in angry protests.
He grows more like Hitler every day.
I believe he is not sane.

George and I toured the Washington DC Capitol on a peaceful sunny day in 2012. We enjoyed it a lot, and were amazed by things like the rotunda made ugly with statuary. Yesterday’s protestors just ignored all those badly carved marble things. We didn’t smash in any windows, sit in Pelosi’s office with our feet up on her desk, or wave the Confederate flag in folk’s faces. We didn’t die though four of theirs did one from my home town of OB.

We spent yesterday being appalled, our noses aimed toward the TV. I’d had my CT scan, I’d seen the results, two new, tiny nodules, and was mesmerized by the horror in Washington. This morning everyone in politics is discussing the 25th Amendment. Everyone in media too except the right wingers. They say it is all the media’s fault, it’s Antifa’s fault..
Himself: Made muffins, and fritters, and lunch.
Myself: Managed to sleep pretty well despite thinking. Got the laundry done.
Reading: Books.
Watching: News.
Photo: Mine.
Gratitude’s: That everything in my lungs are small. Next scan in April.

gattaca January 07, 2021

The face of the insurrection is a guy from Phoenix AZ.
Bloody wonderful.

Zipster January 07, 2021

Yeah, whatever you do, don't take responsibility, blame others.

woman in the moon January 07, 2021

Lovely photo of the Capitol. I've never seen it. I regret that.

aunty EM January 08, 2021

I am horrified with all this crap, and sick to death of the hatred and insanity...on both sides.

Marg January 09, 2021

It’s just sickening. I’m so sorry two new nodules appeared on your scan - can that be dealt with easily being caught early?

Jinn January 09, 2021

Hoping those nodules are harmless. Keeping the thought in my head that they will disappear .
Hoping we can forget Jan. 6 th and that there will not be more trouble before we get rid of him.

NorthernSeeker January 09, 2021

I am sorry your lung scan results weren't clear. Just do everything you are supposed to do to keep your mind calm and your body healthy. The riots in DC are the last thing we need.

Kristi1971 January 09, 2021

And I love that building. The architecture is gorgeous. Every time I see it, I just have to look at it. :) Great picture. :)

I'm so sorry to read of your CT scan. I know you will hang tough. Big Hugs.

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