The picture in my head in A new start

  • Jan. 5, 2021, 11:24 a.m.
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Before I get to what I want to write about there is something that sort of bugs me. I had a friend I was talking to for a little while. We got along well. Both of us would admit that. I was told numerous times they didn’t want to lose me and I would assure them that I wouldn’t go anywhere. However they would disappear. Yes, it’s called ghosted. No I don’t know exactly why it happened. I wasn’t going anywhere. I enjoyed the conversation. Truthfully I was just as scared of them going away, I think. But yet here I am, them gone. We were having good conversation and then nadda. Makes me sad.

Anyway back to the picture in my head.

In this picture it is sunset on a nice summer day. On a beach. There is a couple walking hand in hand and they stop. They stop and face each other. Staring longingly into each others’ eyes. They go in for the kiss and the picture is taken just then. Or right before. With a dark night sky being illuminated by the sun going down. The sun is right behind them. Half gone. You can tell from looking at the picture they are happy together. Finally. Truly the bodies are in silhouette so you can’t decipher who they are or their real feelings. You can just feel it. The title would be Finally… or My soldier came home or a combination of the two.

I am missing a couple friends today.

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