2021 in Postcards 4

  • Jan. 1, 2021, 12:33 p.m.
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Hola! Welcome to 2021, a year that will be a great improvement. Not only are we starting out the new year with brand new bedding, hidden in the cupboard for two years, we are starting the year with clean drains.

As I took a shower this morning, the upstairs shower pan began to fill up to lake level. So did the toilet. Himself wasn’t the least bit happy, I could tell by the word quality leaving his mouth. As he plunged both the toilet and the shower, he waxed even more vocal. By the time he reached the telephone, he reverted to polite. Even when a plumber said they could only come on Monday, and even when they weren’t open despite what their TV ads said, he remained polite. Our regular company charges almost 300 dollars.

I spend the last day of the year grappling with having to go to a hospital for a CT scan. Now is not the time to go to any hospital. My Nurse Practitioner suggested a plastic shield as well as my usual mask. G managed to find one to be delivered Sunday, of all days. So Monday I am going to the Mercy Hospital x-ray department one way or the other. Both the doctor and I want to know if the cancer has spread.

Perhaps this will be a year of taking action on all fronts.
Himself: He’s going to have a good year no matter what he thinks. Plumber then a shower.
Myself: Writing this. Putting together an archival journal box for the next two years. Hiding from the plumber, making the bed, and finishing the Obama book.
Reading: Obama.
Watching: Two nights ago saw the new George Clooney on Netflix. Slow, moving, and very sad. Last night saw “SAHARA” again, fast moving, a keep you on your toes light film.
Photo: George: Mage in Myrtle by the bay.
Gratitude’s: George.

Zipster January 01, 2021

There's always something demanding to be attended to; hope the plumbing is not a huge, expensive issue. I will keep you in my thoughts on Monday that the cancer has not spread.
Happy New Year.

toddslife January 01, 2021

Happy New year

Ragdolls January 01, 2021

Happy New Year!

NorthernSeeker January 04, 2021

The extra face shield is a great idea. You'll feel better knowing that your testing is up to date. Poor George...plumbing issues are no fun.

Marg January 09, 2021

Ugh on the plumbing issue - hope it’s not too expensive!

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