2021 in A Day in the Life of Me

  • Jan. 1, 2021, 11:04 a.m.
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Happy New years to you all.

We all know what a shit show the last 12 months have been. To top it all off.....
-Father in law in and out of the hospital all month.
-Grand Nephew airlifted to the local children’s hospital due to a seizure, from unknown cause, as well as losing conciseness in the ambulance, and NOTHING showing on any of the tests he had done at the hospital down home.
-Had to spend Christmas away from Mom. With her work in a hotel, and us in retail, she thought it safer.
-Received out end date at work on Tuesday. We will be working our last day on Feb 23rd.

Plus sides - Father in law, despite all his current health issues, made it into 2021.
Christmas, while quite was nice. we got up semi early, opened gifts, called Mom, made her open HER gifts, and then proceeded to just chill for the next 2 days. Our new years was pretty quite too. D played his usual games, and i downed a bottle of wine and watched Supernatural.
Then this morning he made French toast, and I have sat on here playing catch up with all of the entries I haven’t read because I really suck at keeping in touch/updating this pat year. I mean I don’t really lead an exciting life. The most exciting thing here is the (new) Babies, and well I think all my regular readers are on Facebook as well, so they see the daily antics…
They DO have their own Instagram account at keira_rhain2020 lol.

No plans in place so far for 2021. Playing it by ear. Craft more see if I can’t grow a few more people wise on the facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/aimeescraftycreations ) as well as my Avon, and work on myself as I KNOW I am NOT in a good place mentally or physically right now.
“Customers” piss me off on the minute. I do honestly try to go into work in a positive mood, but it gets ruined very very quickly.
Yea, sure, sorry YOUR life is ruined cause MY job that is my INCOME is closing and there is NO WAY I am going to find a job in the middle of seasonal lay off time.... but yea… lament to me about how bad YOUR life is going to be cause you can’t come try on shoes…
I actually scolded an older lady the other day for shaking her finger in my face.... normally not something that would bother me, but she was butting in on something I and her {buying} friend had already agreed, on and when I informed her I already knew, she tried to scold me on being rude to “customers” and was shaking her finger in my face.
Informed her I wasn’t being rude to THE customer, and asked her NOT to wave her finger in my face again. She was quite taken aback, cause the finger quickly was put away.
I swear I am going to lose it before the end of February with people who think that just cause they are on the other side of the counter they are more entitled.

I have not made any new years goals, and don’t plan on it, but LIFE goal… no more Retail work if I can absolutely avoid it. NO FREAKING clue what I am going to do as I have more years of retail background then I do anything else.... but I will cross that bridge in a few months time. Right now I need to make it until the end of Feb.

meh, that’s about it for now.

toddslife January 01, 2021

Happy New years

Canadian Lass toddslife ⋅ January 02, 2021

To you as well!

Muffin Princess January 04, 2021

Good for you for calling out the finger wagging lady! I hate people who think they can be rude to retail workers, there’s no need for it.

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ January 07, 2021

I just snapped... LoL I am so over ppl, and their feeling entitled to be pissy towards ppl who are just trying to earn a paycheck.. especially those of us who are seeing the end of that paycheck coming.

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