“BALI: How This Journey in Heaven on Earth Makes Me Miss It” in “LIFE IN THE TIMES OF CORONA: On A Mass Exile”

  • Dec. 29, 2020, 9:50 p.m.
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I’ve got the privilege to get to know another talented poet from my own country. I met Indah P. at Malam Puisi Jakarta (Jakarta’s Poetry Night). She was there to promote her poetry anthology – “BALI: The Journey in Heaven on Earth”.

From the beginning, I’ve admired her spirit and vibrant, yet humble personality. Her love for art, especially poetry, is genuine. When she promoted that book, I decided to buy a copy without a second thought.

Honestly, this book makes me miss Bali so much. I’ve visited The Island of The Gods twice and that’s still not enough. Indah is right about Bali being magical. There’s something majestic and out-of-this-world about this heaven on earth, indeed.

Her poems in this anthology have simply taken me back there. I remember the soft breeze by the coast, the illuminating sunset, and the magical Kecak dance. I remember the beautiful scenery of nature and friendly locals.

“The Sunset” reminds me of that feeling I had, back when I watched the sunset there – on my last visit with my hazel-eyed best friend:

“This is the moment of serenity.
It will last forever, for eternity.
No one can take it away from me.
Because it has been engraved in my memory.”

I had to read this again when the #Covid-19 pandemic first hit. Somehow, this book has helped me to survive and pass the time.

I’ll be waiting for more poetry and another book from Indah P. If you are curious about her work, check out her IG: @thefantasia.art


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