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  • Dec. 28, 2020, 10:32 p.m.
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I had a fairly productive day, although I wish I’d not had to go down to Seattle. One of the two Seattle calls was actually in down town. Both were an issue with the stupid safety eyes. One was in a 1/4” thick steel bracket, and had been bent out of whack. There’s no way that was an accident, unless someone had REALLY pointy knee caps. But still. Also ended up going to a customer I happen to like on an emergency call. Simple fix. They’re pretty well off, have a nice place in the country, and they’re really nice people. I always appreciate when people with money aren’t complete snobs and treat me like I’m less than them. Fixed the broken bracket, decided on a different direction to fix a repetitive problem, and discussed an upgrade on one of the door openers… which is only a couple years old. Hey, you want more features, I’ll find you what you want. Also saw the moon over the sunset lit mountains. Even the moon is off it’s nut in Seattle.

I got back to the shop in time to hear R discussing her test results. We all use the same doctor, since it’s on company insurance, and the results come to an app we have, which does make it convenient, but test results can be a bit difficult to decipher. R, K, and H were talking, and it was brought up that R is off birth control now. That’s a cringe moment I could have done without hearing, one for being TMI and two for being a reminder of exactly what I’m missing out on (not with her), and how it’s only getting more and more unlikely that I’ll ever be having that discussion with my significant other. I played it off and left. I’m too good at hiding crap, but what ever.

I came home, did some dusting to continue the cleaning spree, grabbed my coat, got in the truck and went out to the grocery store. Well, okay, I had to stop and get diesel first, as when I was backing out of the driveway, my gauge said less than 1/8 of a tank. I filled up, and when the pump shut off, it had only dispensed about 1/2 a tank. I tried again, and it clicked off in a couple of seconds. I reached in and turned the key on just to verify, and the gauge now read full. Oh yeah, my driveway is on an incline, and the fuel sender in the truck acts differently than the van does. Oh well, off to the next town I went.

I did my kinda speed run this time. The very habit I’m trying to break myself of. I didn’t have much to get, but I still moved quickly through the store. Saw one really cute girl, or at least from what I could tell with the mask. That’s the other thing, it’s no longer “I wonder what her boobs look like” in my head; it’s “I wonder what her smile looks like”. Never thought I would have to be asking myself that, but alas, the world has gone to crap. Anywho. I decided since I didn’t have much this time, I’d use the self checkout. I forgot how much I detest those things. They’re all naggy and b!tchy. “Put ____ back in the bagging area” Do this. Do that. Don’t do this. They even sound angry when telling me what my club card savings is. Then I dropped something and it freaked out and had to call for help. Technology.... yeah.

I loaded everything into the truck, booked back home, got everything put away and changed clothes, and am waiting on the neighbor to text me back, after she told me to text her when I got home. I think they want me to come over for dinner since their Marine son is home for a week or so. He’s a good kid. I think I’ve mentioned him before. 6‘6” and built like a brick house. Super nice, super smart, just a really good guy. He’s gonna do well in life. However, if I don’t hear from them soon, I’m just going to put my sweats on and stay home. Patience is a virtue I have not yet mastered.

I’m glad this is a short week. Again. I say sometimes how I don’t like being home alone as it leaves me too much time to think, but sometimes it’s nice. But I’ve social distanced too long. REALLY wanna meet someone to break the 6 foot rule with. Repeatedly. Unless I can’t avoid S. Oh, discovered the gate bell batteries are dead again. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s better to just leave them dead. But then there’s the random brunette I keep seeing around here, if she should decide to say hello, I’d miss out. Meh. Decisions, decisions. I must really sound like a complete ass.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas or whatever, and if I don’t post before then, I hope you all have a happy new year.

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