Tell me a story... in These titles mean nothing.

  • Dec. 20, 2020, 6:30 p.m.
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.... about these people.

ConnieK December 20, 2020

Well, that's the family down the way a bit. It was a Sunday afternoon, right after church. You know that because grandpa had on his fanciest tie and grandma is in her usual polka dot Sunday dress. Not to mention that Trix and Trina are all decked out like the professional woman they are and you'd never get Fred, that's Trina's husband in the back to wear a tie and cardigan any other day of the week. He's hiding his pipe behind his back because, well, you know, someone from church might see it and it's just best not to stir up talk.

Little brother Tommy doesn't go to church when the harvest is full on and Trix's husband is an accountant. We don't know for sure but we think Trix might be hitting the bottle a bit too hard but hey, if you were married to an accountant, you might, too.

The three little ones? Well, the one leaning up against his Uncle Tommy belongs to Trix and her husband and the two holding hands belong to Trina and Fred.

And then there's Pauline, on the far right. She's very fashion conscious but a bit off-center. Or perhaps "showy" is a better choice of words. Notice her fancy hem and ric-rac edging. She's very patient, which is a good trait in an English teacher.

It wasn't necessarily a special day, other than it was one of those increasingly rare moments when the whole family had been able to come together for Sunday supper. It was pot roast. Nobody cooks like grandma.

ConnieK December 20, 2020

Now tell me the REAL story. :)

noko December 20, 2020

The three women on the left are holding magic globes behind their backs. Shhh, don’t tell, they are the ones with all the power.

Purple Dawn December 20, 2020

Those are people from my Dad's family that immigrated to Minnesota from Norway. I'm sure I have the same picture :)

woman in the moon December 20, 2020

Which two are my parents?

ConnieK woman in the moon ⋅ December 21, 2020

Either Trix or Trina. :)

Jinn December 21, 2020

I am guessing the woman to the right and the man behind her.…

Beret December 21, 2020

The guy in the back in the bibbed overalls reminds me of my grandfather. So I am going to go with this picture being set in Iowa. This is a family photo. The guy in the bibbed overalls has inherited the working of the farm and remains on the farm with his wife and family. He has two sisters. One lives in town and the other is a city slicker and has moved away. Someplace like Chicago. A much bigger city. She and her husband have come back to visit. And all of them return to the family homestead to visit.

Two of the women are very well dressed. Did they just leave church? The other two women are also dressed well just not as fancy. Maybe they are were in church but the farm people had to go home and change clothes and get the chores done including making dinner. I'm guessing the one on the right hand side of picture is the farmwife. One or more of those women are probably school teachers.

This family looks prosperous. Maybe not rich but living well enough. Based upon their clothing and the kids have shoes on. I think two of those kids might be town kids. They were probably in church too.

Marg December 21, 2020

I think the woman on the right is your Mom - you’re so alike!

Serin December 24, 2020

They seem very unsolemn for a picture of the vintage I'm guessing.

woman in the moon Serin ⋅ December 24, 2020

My mother's family were quite close - all lived within 10 miles of each other except for Beatsy who was 100 miles away. She got home quite often - and it was always an event! She had gum in her purse, and small shoes (and feet) so we could wear her shoes. She had a fur!! coat. I have various guilty feelings about her. She put a lot of effort into me and I didn't respond.

Abritelight December 25, 2020

First tune reader, The photographer yells "say cheese" and only Molly near the middle complies. She works parttime in town at the newspaper office. The rest of the family have come together to laugh and tell stories, and to eat and relax. There are four grown women and four adult men. The children are itching to get into their overalls to run and play.

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