Life in Thirty-Five

  • Dec. 16, 2020, 9:16 p.m.
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…goes on. Things are progressing slowly here as can be expected.

It has been weeks since I’ve had any gumption to write here obviously. Randy is doing alright. He was able to come home Wednesday (before Thanksgiving). He and the psychologist felt like the situation at home was good enough for him to come home.

that night was just a whirlwind of what the fuck.

i may get into it at one point but that isn’t what i am here for.

since then, randy has had some rough days as can be expected. but the times hes the most happiest is when he’s listening to music (californication usually) and putting together and paining the miniature models from various games. mostly warhammer 40k. he has his space wolves army, my ork army, his brothers lizardmen and a friend of his graciously donated a HUGE adeptus mechanicus army. like 1 boxes of models.

so randy started himself a project that is hopefully going to keep his mind occupied as well as help us out in the long run. I’m just handling the social media side of it for the most part. taking pics and posting to FB, Insta, Twitter and TikTok.

you can read about it here (if you havent already seen it on facebook).

or you can find him on the following platforms:

Facebook - (@wolf.conceptsaz)
Instagram - (@wolf.concepts)
Twitter - (@wolf_concepts)
TikTok - (@wolf.concepts)

He already has a very good platform to stand on and not only will it be beneficial to him and therapeutic, it will also financially help us out, which is always something we need.

the night of randys incident, he had hidden the keys, no because of what he was going to do, but because of my cousin (again, another fucking day), and when it came to me trying to go to the hospital, I panicked and broke one of the back windows of the car. which was pointless because the other set wasn’t in there.

so we need a new window for the car. luckily it was the small one on the passenger side (dodge journey). but we got it covered with cardboard for now lol. still need shocks. our necks and backs will thank us I am sure.

two of the outlets in the house took a poop in the last couple of days. the one in the hallway, randy smelled something burning and it was the outlet. we unplugged the space heater from it (we don’t have a furnace so each room has a space heater) and the outlet was black and the cord was hot.

skip forward like two days and I smell something burning very faintly. I pinpoint where it was and checked the outlet and one of the wires was glowing red. We flipped the breaker right away and saved the house from burning down. but we don’t have lights down our hallway anymore.

uuhhhmmmm the other one that went out is in our back porch. our freezer is connected to is, as is the outside light wired to it. Randy noticed that the light wasn’t on in the freezer, nor was the light on the bottom. everything was still frozen, thankfully its been cold. but yeah, so we have to move the freezer back inside tomorrow. or sometime in the near future, but yeah. ugh.

A gentleman that graduated with my oldest brother passed from COVID a few weeks ago, as did the grandpa of a few friends of mine. another friend is on day 10 of a medically induced coma because of it. my brother in law currently has it.

my dads heart is failing again so hes waiting on answers a s to what the next step is. im fucking terrified i’m not going to hear from my dad one day and it’s going to be the worst. but i do have a feeling now that all this happened with my cousin, he might be more inclined to move over here. since all that stuff happened, his sister hasn’t talked to him. and cousins mom who lives across the street couldn’t care less.

so yeah once he finds out what all is going to happen I’ll talk with him about moving.

he has no one there. le sigh.

Anyway, the important thing here is randy’s project. and that it is helping him to keep a stable mind and not try to kill himself again. thank you all in advance.

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