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  • Dec. 13, 2020, 10:16 a.m.
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It’s the end of the year, and time for a little hope. I have a Post Op at the dentist’s office, and I only know this because dear G told me it was dental. I hope the implant has taken. I’m still eating soft foods and treating myself extra kindly.

We went out again yesterday. Breakfast was a takeout eaten at the bay. Then after words….I never go into stores any more, but yesterday I did. Costco’s book table called to me. Today I will read the books I bought and let you know what I think. Or maybe you have already read them.

We are failures at the lockdown-not go out-stuff. I should feel terribly guilty, but we stay inside the car with our masks on. Such a great guilty treat it is to watch the boats go by, to watch the people walking, and to watch the birds circle overhead. Little forays like this sure make the time move faster.
Himself: He’s going to put the wreath on Grumpy and the nose on Myrtle. We will be automotively decorated.
Myself: Sleeping pretty well.
Reading: The new Obama.
Watching: 60 Minutes plus BBS.
Photo: Mine. Christmas 2008. I love his smile.
Gratitude’s: That I am here with you this holiday.

gattaca December 13, 2020

That looks lovely!
I sort of went overboard on fresh wreaths and such. My grandaughter had a fundraiser for her bandcamp, and so, like any good grandpa, I bought rather absurd amount of fresh wreaths, throws and little canned hollies that say "Merry Christmas". My house smells like the inside of a pine forest. :-)

MageB gattaca ⋅ December 13, 2020

...and I bet it is lovely too.

Jinn MageB ⋅ December 16, 2020

That sounds wonderful !

aunty EM December 14, 2020

We've been staying in for the most part. He goes to the store and picks up the pre-ordered groceries once a week. Seems we have an abundance of doctor appointments where we have to stay in the car until they are ready for us to see the doctor (which is certainly better than sitting for long periods in a waiting room), and then someone unlocks the door, takes our temp and shuffles us directly to the exam room, I was thrilled one day to ride along with him to the pharmacy where they bought the meds to us in the car. Here at home I go to the mail room and the trash room, and yes, the library wearing my mask and trying to pick a time when others are not prowling about. Am hoping we can go to son's house for dinner on Christmas Eve. Probably will not see the boys in person, but maybe virtually....

NorthernSeeker December 15, 2020

Basically if you are staying in your own car and space I don't think you are breaking long as you can avoid temptation and stay in your car.

Jinn December 16, 2020

We have to go out to get groceries and other essential items. We do not have reliable delivery or pick up here . :-( so the best we can do is mask, wash. And distance. I could not bear it if we were any more restricted than we are .

Marg December 21, 2020

I think that kind of going out is pretty safe :)

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