ORTS AND PIECES in Postcards 4

  • Dec. 11, 2020, 11:25 a.m.
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• ‘Today’s the day,’ say the media talking heads. I’m already to mail off cards and one package but our receipts from Heifer International have not arrived. The kids will have to suffer with a hand written note from us explaining the chickens.
• The “AARP Bulletin” just arrived. “Nursing Homes, an American tragedy” it’s titled. And it is. I am forever grateful that G got me out of that last nursing home with a certain amount of speed. I thank him all the time. Although I was in an end room by myself, toward the end of my stay there were fewer and fewer visits by the CNA’s. Most of my days were spent alone, and I was truly grateful that G delivered my computer that last month. It saved my sanity.
• I shan’t send Holiday Cards off to either Frankie or JR this year. There’s been no response from either one to letters I have sent. I can find no trace of either one on the net also…no obit, no nada. It’s heartbreaking to lose special, long-term friends that you considered family. Having them vanish without a trace is worse than awful.
• My kids are alive and well. Margot and Zoe are on lockdown, and Laka is an essential worker up in far away Portland Oregon. They both call. George has a lot of fun with them when they call. I sure do appreciate that.
• Grandkids are doing pretty good too….as far as we know. One is buying a house, and another is living in Texas with three kids we haven’t met yet. Alaska gives home to one more plus a great-grandson. The scattering of an American family.
Himself: Games. Mailing.
Myself: Making out cards.
Reading: Yes, there is a pile of books just waiting next to the bed.
Watching: More GBBS, season 7.
Photo: George. The last cruise ship waiting off the coast: The Celebrity Millennium. The crew has been on board all these months.
Gratitude’s: For the chill nights and comfortable days. Sunshine too.

Narrator December 11, 2020

"The kids will have to suffer with a hand written note from us explaining the chickens" - this made me laugh if only because you could write an amusing story to go with it. :) That is a heck of a range on family.

Jinn December 12, 2020

I am glad George got you out of that place too !

ODSago December 12, 2020

I admire George's care and concern in your recent saga also. And I love seeing you are feeling better and back to writing more when you visit here. I need to get a gift to NYC in short order too. No shopping except online but I'm giving a granddaughter a print I bought on vacation years ago in Maine and never framed. She'll love it. Got to mail it.

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