Progress made! in A small but passable life.

  • Dec. 10, 2020, 11:07 a.m.
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Mom’s trailer is cleaned out and organized. It is ready for Daughter and oldest Niece to sort and cart off the piles I’ve made. Stuff I would take to the Goodwill is all out in the carport and in half the bedroom closet. The other half of the bedroom closet is Daughters stuff I’d already had for her. The sewing room cutting table is folded up in the bedroom and everything from the bathroom vanity and from the medicine cabinet is piled on it. I’ll let the girls go through the top two shelves of the medicine cabinet where the over-the-counter stuff remains. The kitchen is done. The living room/dining room is done. Except for the two glass fronted cabinets full of knick-knacks.

I’ve left the sewing room alone. It is above my pay-grade. I’ll let the girls deal with that.

I won’t be moving into the trailer. I’m going to stay out here in the shed.

The trailer is a typical built in 2001 park model. It is basically divided into thirds. The rear third is the bedroom with one wall closet with mirrored doors. The front third is the living room/dining room. The middle third is the kitchen kind of wrapped around the bathroom.

There are two doors. A patio door in the living room and rear door towards the back. When you walk in the rear door the bedroom door is to the left and the bathroom door to the right. Forward into the kitchen with the range on the left and turning to the right, counter over to the sink and then the frig. On the right is a shallow counter with cabinets below and above.

All contained in about 400 square feet.

I’ll only be using the middle third, the bathroom and the kitchen.

After the girls get Mom’s sewing room emptied out I’ll have that half of the shed to use. I have 42 square feet now so I’ll gain 56 square feet for a total of 98 square feet. There is a bench top going around all three sides of the room starting at the door all the way around to the stacked washer and dryer, about 14 linear feet total. I’d like to leave it and use it as a desk and workspace but Dad built it at 24 inches high as per Mom’s request. A normal desk or table is 30 inches high. I’d have to raise it or at least part of it.

I’ve left all four LED night lights plugged in in the house. One in each of the four rooms. I can go in the house at night and not turn on a light to do whatever I need to do.

After the girls leave I’ll turn the water heater off to save on electricity. There is a switch next to the sink. I’ve always preferred the shower at the pool rather than that plastic box of a shower in the trailer. And dishes can cleaned with cold water. In reality though, the water out of the tap for most of the year here could be called warm enough.

So yeah, the trailer will be available for any family member to come and stay in for as long as they want to. As long as I can come in and use the toilet (I’m going to install a crapper out here. Dad had it plumbed, but not installed,) and put on a pot of coffee in the morning.

I went to walmart looking for a portable file box, which they didn’t have, and bought a wall mounting bracket and an HDMI cable and used that to mount the 22” TV from Mom’s bedroom on the wall out here at the foot of my bed. It faces my chair perfectly and can be seen from in bed also. (I thought the 32” from the living room would be a bit too ridiculous.) I took the 19” from the sewing room and put it in the trailer bedroom.

So now I’m done with the house. One week and the bulk is done. I’ve a few phone calls left to make. I’ve got some money to move around.

I don’t know what to do with the car. It is halfway paid off. So, the question is- do I want to pay $13,000 for a three year old car with 7500 miles on it? The only catch is, I can’t afford $443.24 a month plus $1000 a year for the insurance. It doesn’t fit the budget.

Carvana will pay off the loan and write me check for two or three grand.

I’ll buy that Honda CB500X.

Anyway, I don’t know why I wrote all that. It could all be moot since I’ve completed my ultimate backing gear list and may be ready to start walking.

Last updated December 10, 2020

woman in the moon December 10, 2020

There have been a lot of house cleaning/closings this year. It always happens eventually.

Jinn December 11, 2020

You are so organized ! Good job .

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