Retired Iowa Senator Harken is sailing off Newfoundland in These titles mean nothing.

  • Dec. 10, 2020, 12:43 a.m.
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lobsters too!

Jinn December 10, 2020 (edited December 10, 2020)


It must be nice :-) It’s actually a very interesting article. I wonder how life is , living in Francois . It sounds so beautiful but obviously extremely remote and cut off from most of the world.

Jinn December 10, 2020

Although I get very sea sick so it would not be for me .

NorthernSeeker December 10, 2020

Mr. NS has been watching many of the sailing videos on Youtube.

Deleted user December 11, 2020

Wow... spectacular, fascinating, inspiring, beautiful!

noko December 12, 2020

That is an active retirement.

Serin December 13, 2020

I've never been that far east, but i'm told Newfoundland is lovely.

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