TRAIN TRIPS in Postcards 4

  • Dec. 6, 2020, 6:01 p.m.
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As I checked to see if my links still worked, I found myself swept away by The Man in Seat 61’s train journeys. He offers detailed views of how to travel by train. That’s me. Traveling by train. I followed most of his links. I looked at every video, and I followed still more videos until I found myself traveling across Russia in the pre-Covid days. Best of all, I loved all of Canada’s rail journeys.

Yes, much of what I saw is pre-Covid, but at the end of each section follow I found Covid 19 suggestions. He tells you if a rail is still moving. How often? Still have an open dining car? I discovered that both G and I could save thousands of dollars if we just slept in our seats rather than take a roomette. We would have to bring our own blankets and pillows….we already bring the pillows.

The hours passed quickly. Finally I found myself exhausted by the beauty and dozing over the train trips. For just a while both G and I moved to the bed and dozed under just one quilt, spooning warmly, until half way to dinner.

Himself: A space game.
Myself: After CBS Sunday morning, I traveled the trains of the world.
Reading: A book on finding her lost at sea father.
Watching: Baking
Photo: Top: 07 before the train. Next two 2011 from the train.
Gratitude’s: For this mental pause as we stay at home again.

Oswego December 07, 2020

Fascinating. I’d love to simply take an AMTRAK to D.C. I have friends up there.

MageB Oswego ⋅ December 08, 2020

G and I did that and will do it again any old time.

Jinn December 08, 2020

I would love to take a train trip through Canada but how do you shower on a long train journey ?

MageB Jinn ⋅ December 08, 2020

In a shower. Check out the videos on the site.

Jinn MageB ⋅ December 08, 2020

I will :-)

NorthernSeeker December 10, 2020

Do you get The Great British Baking Show? It is very entertaining. The Great Canadian Baking Show has 3 seasons on Netflix.

MageB NorthernSeeker ⋅ December 10, 2020

Yes, that's the one we watch. I will look out for the Canadian Baking Show.

Marg December 21, 2020

What a lovely way to do virtual train travel!

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