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  • Dec. 6, 2020, 8:18 p.m.
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Deb, my sainted daughterinlaw, scanned some pictures of my brother.

This is 1975. Mike was 25. Picture was taken in this room. There’s my mother’s formica table. And the plate rack that came with the farm. The small plate with the blue pattern came from a very sweet cape cod house on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids. My friend Michelle had taken me and our kids to visit a friend of hers who was moving out and I begged a couple things - I wonder how I had nerve to do it.

Picture was taken soon after we moved back home - my brother left soon after we came back. That’s my mother’s wall paper on the wall. The old tv that my dad had been using. My last purse hanging on the closed door. It was a nice leather purse and it’s hanging on a nail on the inside of the closet door now. It’s gotten very hard and would take some oiling to soften to use. Since then I’ve just carried a wallet in my jeans or sweatpants or coat pocket.

I remember the pitcher on the tv with the plant slips in it. I think it’s still around. The photo to the right of the pitcher is of my husband and kids. The photo developer offered an enlargement of a snapshot and that’s the one we chose. It was one of those great picture that’s lost now. I photo-d the photo and it probably languishes in photobucket. Ah the past. Such a deep and dangerous place.

Everything in the picture is still around - basically. Except my brother.

And my husband - even deeper in the past.

gattaca December 06, 2020

I think we all had Formica kitchen tables in the kitchen when we grew up. :-)

Ah the past. Such a deep and dangerous place.
Memories and their emotions bubble up when you least expect them.

NorthernSeeker December 06, 2020

You take good care of the things you like and you keep them. You and brickpaver are the same that way. I bet the things that you have accumulated would not take up much space.

Purple Dawn December 06, 2020

Lovely entry, the pictures must be bittersweet. Take care,

Beret December 06, 2020 (edited December 06, 2020)


Lovely! I see the resemblance between you and your brother in your eyes. I grew up with a formica table. Light grey and the chairs were red.

Just Annie December 06, 2020

The past is indeed a deep and dangerous place.

MageB December 07, 2020

It's nice too have this one of your brother tho.

noko December 07, 2020

The continuity and the change, all part of the mix.

ConnieK December 07, 2020

A moment, frozen in time. Your words say so much yet leave so much unsaid.

Jinn December 07, 2020

My Mom’s Mom had a Formica table in her kitchen . :-) My Dad’s mom had a big farmhouse table ; she fed a lot of people at every meal :-) I wonder where those things go ?
I have been divesting myself of alot of things this week. It feels exhausting now but I suppose I will be happy when it’s done . Old pictures take us back ...

Marg December 09, 2020

I love looking at old photos - sometimes the objects in them bring back just as many memories as the people! :)

WhatDreamsMayCome December 09, 2020

Lovely to hear the recounting of your memories.

Neogy Titwhistle December 09, 2020

I've uncovered some history too, the last few days going through Mom's house.

Serin December 12, 2020

I don't know if I'd notice it spontaneously but I feel like I can see a little of your eyes in his.

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