Siren in Tales of Voracious

  • Dec. 4, 2020, 5:31 p.m.
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Waves lapped against the rocks, gently licking the stony surfaces. I stepped uneasily onto the slippery stones, sliding before finding a sturdy purchase. The soft sound of the water gave the forbidden cave a sense of peace, inviting one to ignore the evidence of death all around.

Water dripped from my body, landing on the already moist stones and splattering onto the half rotting corpse of a man whose purpled face was so bloated I could not truly see his features. His mouth hung, gaping open as though to sing the song of drowning men. I grimaced and stepped around him.

Everywhere there was rot. The air stung with the stench of rotting bodies, all bobbing in the water in various stages of decomposition. Fish causally swam around them, nibbling on exposed toes and faces, while crabs perched inside and atop them, slowly stripping meat from bone.

I pursed my lips in quiet consideration before I turned back to the dimly lit cave in the rocks. A large central rock, flat and perfect for laying upon, awaited. It was empty, with scattered shells and bones across its surface. To get there, I needed to go into the water. The darkened water that promised the unseen.

Carefully I knelt, ignoring the grime on the stone from a nearby corpse. I peered into the watery void, making out only faint shapes that could have been more bodies, fish, sharks, or something else. With a deep inhale, I slid into the water, bobbing briefly before turning to head towards the stone.

Unnatural light reflected off the water, creating a beautiful unearthly glow through the cave. Yet the water remained murky around me as I swam. The current of something large swimming near ran over my thigh. Despite my instinct to swim, I stopped and glanced around the water desperate to see what had been.

A splash echoed about the inlet. I turned, seeing nothing. Fins brushed against my hip, causing me to turn again. I shuddered in the cold water and turned back to the rock, deciding if I should go forward or dare try to return to my tiny boat.

The sweetest, most melodic voices hummed in the air, singing words I couldn’t understand. Laying atop the rock the creature watched me, a heavenly song escaping her lips. A beautiful maiden met my eyes with her own, gazing at me with such adoration I blushed. Her fingers gestured in the air, beckoning me towards her.

I kicked my feet, pushing myself towards the rock and the aquatic woman whose song promised a love one could not resist. Her striped aquamarine tail flicked behind her, spraying water in the air and over her body so she glistened in the reflective light. I reached for the rock below her body, feeling the cool stone greet my fingertips.

A hand grabbed my foot, pulling me instantly below the surface. We went deep, the darkness swarming around me, swallowing her song. The hand disappeared, letting me float uselessly, suddenly uncertain of which way was up.

Around me, shadows shifted. I peered into the grim darkness, catching brief glimpses of bright colored scales. The strange voices whispered in the water, more clear now than she had been above. I shivered at the siren’s call, feeling the pressure building in my lungs.

Opening my mouth I felt the grotesque salty water flood inside and I repeated her song back to her. Silence hung in the water. My lungs burned and I pulled my eyes away from the darkness to the vague light above and kicked.

The surface neared before nails raked over my back, dragging down my skin to my ankle and holding. Despite my instincts, I didn’t fight. Instead, I looked down at her and offered a hand. She grinned then faltered when I didn’t fight.

With the strangest hesitation, she reached out to touch my fingers, webbing between her digits. I smiled, trying not to show the panic growing within me. My hand touched her face, gently brushing over her lips. Small sharp teeth showed as she smiled.

Our eyes stared, hers black as a shark’s. Then, knowing what she needed, I inhaled the deadly water. Her eyes widened as the last air I had escaped me, replaced with the dark liquid. My lungs burned and I tried to cough, bringing in more water.

Panic flooded my body as it fought to survive and I refused to swim upwards. The darkness swallowed me, consuming the sensation of wetness, and my vision clouded before fading, her shocked visage disappearing. Then quiet, a strange peace, a nothing.

Water sprayed my face as my eyes flew open, revealing a light-dappled rock ceiling. The black eyes of the siren looked down at me as I coughed, turning onto my side to spit up water. She watched, fascinated, and attentive.

“You died,” she said, melodic even in factual statement.

I coughed and nodded. Every muscle burned as I rose on my elbows.


I nodded again. “You would… need to die… if I didn’t.”

Her eyes widened in sudden understanding. “But why?”

“To show you that you’re loved, beyond your voice. That you’re wanted for you. Worth dying for.”

She blinked her large eyes then grabbed my hand, pulling me back into the water with her. Lips met mine, hungry and eager. Air pushed into my mouth from her own, cold tongue snaking between my lips to taste my tongue.

I moaned against her as she pulled us deeper into the water. Her skin was rough, catching against my fingertips as I caressed her shoulders and neck. My fingers explored, pinching her nipples as she made a melodic whimper that echoed in the water around us.

My hand ventured lower, pressing against her stomach then further down, knowingly exploring the hidden slit in her scales. I pushed my fingers inward as she opened to me. Fingers laced around my neck, holding herself to me as we kissed again, oxygen filling my lungs.

Fingers slid in and out of her, first two, then three. She cried out, bucking her tail against me. I put one hand behind her back, holding her steady as I moved deeper, feeling her expand around my fingers, slick with her ecstasy. A fourth finger slid inside.

Nails dug into my shoulder as she cried out, writhing against me as I worked my fingers in and out of her. Around us her sisters swam, appearing and disappearing from the darkness. Fingers slid up the inside of my thigh as tiny teeth lovingly bit into my shoulder from behind me.

I pressed forward, finally slipping my thumb inside of my siren. Her sister’s mouth closed on mine, breathing life into my body and pushing her tongue down my throat. Her hands groped my breasts as I let my hand sit within her sister, letting her adjust around me as her melodic crisis filled the water.

Slowly I moved my hand in deeper, flicking my fingers upwards, feeling parts of her no other had before. Her body shuddered on my hand, moving to push against me, pulling me deeper within her. I moaned as a cold tongue flicked between my thighs, black eyes looking up at me in the murky water as the third sister buried her face, tasting my own excitement.

My siren bucked wildly as I stretched her out, pushing deeper only to pull out then go further. With each thrust of my hand, she shuddered. Our moans created a harmonic chorus in the darkness, until it crescendoed, our bodies shuddering and releasing.

Slowly I pulled my hand from her. She pulled me into her mouth, a deep kiss that gave me the breath I desperately needed. Her sisters slid from my body, leaving me covered in their bites and scratches. My siren pulled back, toothy grin nearly unnerving, before she disappeared into the darkness, leaving me alone in the water with the decaying bodies.

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