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27: Have you ever experienced deja vu or any other occurrence that cannot be scientifically explained?

Well, this is an interesting prompt to really think about. It’s easy to dismiss this from an Atheist, Fanatic, and Religious standpoint.

I’d watched a movie not too long ago and there was an argument about mythology and science. Humans are an arrogant sort. We think we’re at the top of the food chain and that’s only because we’ve learned and created items to help us master our environment. Put us in an unknown environment with nothing but what we’re born with? Sure, we can figure out how to light a fire, but finding food? How do we know what’s poisonous? What’s safe? In common areas, yes, we have an idea of how to find things. You can take courses, but if you drop yourself into an area that hasn’t been studied or even FOUND…you’ll die.

Humans have adapted and created, but science is just a way for us to understand something that is WAY beyond our understanding. Take the concept of “time”, for example. My birthday is in April, and for the longest time, it was always either really nice or rainy around my birthday. Well, time passes, and science has told us the Earth has changed it’s rotation. Now? I have seen snow on my birthday, and it’s snowed all the way up to June. There are reports of climate change, environmental damage, etc.

But, again, it’s something we don’t understand.

To assume that there is no such thing as deja vu or supernatural or to assume it can be explained so easily…well, it’s consistent with human arrogance. People thought there were only a few planets in our system, people thought the Sun revolved around US. (HAHA!!) People didn’t understand astronomy, mathematics, and science.

I grew up in a culture that KNEW and KNOWS there is much more that what we can see or explain. I used to communicate with spirits, I saw things that other people didn’t see. I’ve had dreams come true, I’ve been able to see horrible things before they happened, and I thought I was CRAZY, and I was TOLD I was CRAZY.

But I realized…sometimes, some people just KNOW, and are further along in their evolution.

And I accept that. I do my best to help people, but you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to learn.

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