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25: What was the funniest moment you’ve had this year?

There are so many funny moments, but I’m amused quite easily.

There are so many people that COMPLAIN about anything and EVERYTHING, while thinking they’re some sort of superior.

This is not an entry or list for them. But, my top three.

  1. Georgie on Ice. NYE, a friend and I went to a hockey game. I thought I’d seen Drew’s car pick us up, but it was way in the back of the line, so we walked the block down the street only to see it wasn’t him. It wasn’t too chilly out, as I’d had my hoodie under the hockey sweater. He was dressed for the winter as well. So, we ended up finding a different entrance to wait in and I was ALMOST to the wall when my feet went out from me. Now, I KNOW the feeling of “Shit, I’m falling”, so I let it happen. Well, he, on the other hand, has NEVER seen me on ice, so he caught me…in an awkward position. As in, he put his knee up and his arms around me. It looked like either he was gonna kiss me, or I was near his crotch. People stopped and watched. I laughed.

  2. Finally able to go out to the bar and watch some hockey!! Met up with some friends and ended up stripping after winning the game. Actually had someone ask if they could pay in food, I replied with, “Hell yeah! Bitches gotta eat too!” I’m too much sometimes.

  3. Actually, the other day! Was playing Yahtzee with my mom and son, and went to take a drink of my soda. I didn’t take the top off and hit myself in the lip. I died laughing.

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