Red Zone, Depression and pizza. in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 30, 2020, 7:53 a.m.
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So, Here I am. NGL i’m struggling recently. Since all the stupid covidiots and science deniers believe in nothing but freedumb, (PA is like averaging 7k a day now and the areas i’m interested in have skyrocketed as well) and that I am living with a high risk person (my mom) I basically locked back up and I dont know when ill be coming out of it, probably when I get a vaccine (which by the way I guess you’ll feel some aches pains, fever and some other things, I’ll prepare for that, I dont mind that NGL, better than the other option) and hopefully since I live with her I can get the vaccine sooner than later.

The reason im struggling is obvious. I cant go out and play board games with people, not even on Tuesday nights.. that is my constant. The constant has been disrupted again. And what even sucks more, is my board game prototype.. i need people to test it, to break it, I can play it but I see everything and I cant break it like others. So its sitting. That and I need better actual playing cards, and the one program I found costs 24 bucks, which is a lot. Ill get it at some point, but still.

The bigger than that hurts greatly is.. one of my dear friends (From said tuesday night group) first off moved to Mississippi with her fiancee, but is coming back before christmas and is getting married. Guess who got an invite? Me. I cant go. Same reasons as above. Its been killing me. I’m legitimately destroyed over this. I see the invitation as I type this, I have to send it back soon and ill get them something whether it be a gift card or something from their gift registry. It hurts so much. I’ve ripped into genuine covidiots at this because I blame them for all this. They dont care but I feel a bit better after I rip into them.

As I also write this, I had some pizza and I’m watching red zone, best 5 bucks a month ever. Its running on my iPad and its beautiful. I am gonna be so dejected when the regular season is over, I also hope for no major outbreaks that cancel games (I know there have been issues with the broncos, ravens recently and NGL it would be totally unfair to forfeit games, i understand why they dont want to)

I started playing gloomhaven JOTL solo, all 4 characters. Its been fun. That is a game i totally flipped on, I didnt like it at first but now i really enjoy it. I am also kicking myself not getting the full version for 80 bucks a couple weeks ago, but I dont have the space for it, both tablewise and shelfwise. JOTL barely fits on my tables, but it does, and a game takes about 30 minutes to set up, 3ish hours to play, and 30 minutes tear down (Cause I’m doing everything myself) I’m glad I got it.

I think thats all. I’m struggling. I guess i’m ok ATM. I just miss my games.

alt text

Here is a dapper noodle.

alt text

Here is a fluffy boots belly.

Take care.

Go pack go.


Barbara Bad November 30, 2020

Do you care for your mum? If so can someone else look after her? Could you afford to stay in a hotel / Air B&B for a fortnight after to quarantine?

LordJunon Barbara Bad ⋅ November 30, 2020

I do care for her, do all the heavy lifting, shopping, house stuff, she moved in with me when her COPD was too much.

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