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  • Nov. 21, 2020, 11 p.m.
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22: Finish this sentence: “My day was off to a spectacular start until…”

I work in a movie theater. We are only at 40% operating capacity. So, we have a ton of “Karens” that tend to throw a fit when we don’t have enough tickets left for a show that she wants to go to with her family.

So, when I have to deal with a Karen, it tends to dim my spirit a bit.
“BuT mAh RiGhTs!”

Going to a movie is not a right, it’s a privilege. There are rules in place for the safety of everyone…well, as many people as possible.

It gets worse when she decides to flip out and demand a full refund, the right to still see the movie with concessions, and a ton of free passes.

While I wouldn’t be able to be a manager (too much physical work that I’m not able to do), there are days when I wish I could just shut those types of people down. “The customer is always right” is no longer acceptable in this day and age. People know they can tear people down, bully them, even assault them for free shit. And a LOT of managers ALLOW that shit.

I’d have told her to leave, and no, she wouldn’t get a refund. She lost that when she decided to be a dick to my younger co-workers.

Damn. I got all riled up again. LOL

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