• Nov. 24, 2020, 10:09 p.m.
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I had the strangest, most vivid dream.
I heard your voice, faintly somewhere in the distance,
yet my phone was still off and charging.

Was it my imagination?
Was my mind playing tricks on me again?
My head had somehow become
a hollow but crowded hall
empty in the physical presence,
but loud with restless souls.

Speaking of souls,
which one was yours?
You were hiding in the shadows,
but your voice was still loud,
warning me to stay the hell back.

Both a curious cat and a loyal dog,
I didn’t just obey without question.
Silently I searched for the reasons
you’d chosen to stay in the dark.
It just wasn’t safe for you to stand in the light.

I may have had my speculations.
For you, I choose to keep them all in silence.
Somehow, I was hesitant
between waking up and staying in the dream
just to wait for you to reappear.

Still a curious cat,
but I kept my own tongue inside.
Still a loyal dog,
fearing you’d be forever gone.
Awake from the dream with no answers,
but still hoping you’re somewhere safer.

Jakarta, September 2020

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