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  • Nov. 24, 2020, 10:34 p.m.
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I was talking to someone and decided maybe I should write about some of my past experiences. Be aware a lot of them are sexual. Such is my life.

I have many stories regarding where I worked for 13 years. I had many friends. Or maybe just colleagues.

When I first started we were a brand new shift with all brand new employees minus the manager. I ran a saw. One day I was needing material and I had a v neck shirt on. I guess I bent over and the one getting the material got quite the view. His reaction was great.

There were a couple older guys who worked with us and we would hang out before work. I would always have ice water, because well working in production in the summer you need water. Thus I became the ice queen. I also had a cold heart.

I had been dating my oldest daughter’s dad when I started working for a little bit. His friends were not my biggest fans. No biggie I didn’t like them much either. So one day I was wanting to talk to him and they didn’t want me to. I knocked on the door and was ignored. I knocked on the window with no answer. I wasn’t giving up. They called the cops on me. Said I was attempting robbery. I got handcuffs on and placed in the back seat of a cop car. They went and talked to him and got it all straightened out. I was released and went to work. Frustrated. Sad. Mad. Hurt. Yep.

Shortly thereafter I was given a key to his house. I moved in with him. That didn’t last very long. I was invited to a halloween party that year and he didn’t want me to go. I went. I mean he kept going to this other chick’s apartment while I worked so yeah. That pissed him off enough to stash all my stuff in the living room for me to come pick up. Good riddance. I had breeding mice due to the fact he had snakes. Pinkys are good food. Well we had babies when this happened and by the end of probably the weekend the babies were just random tails and other body parts. So gross. Rodents are gross.

At one point before all that stuff we had moved in with a friend in an apartment. I don’t think I was totally there. But I had a teddy bear that I slept with, yes at like 19, there. One day I come home or something and can’t find it. They hid it from me. I finally got it back after they put it in the windshield wiper on my car. I was so mad. They were jerks to me.

There was an attempted camping trip somewhere in that timeline. We went out east a little and found a nice spot along the road. Just enough room for our tent and car and a fire. We drank a little, none of us were 21 yet, I don’t think. Now I have a fear of the unknown and wild animals. At one point I had freaked myself out about something. Who knows what. Probably a noise in the forest. I got scared. I sat in my car for who knows how long. Wouldn’t turn on the lights or anything because “the aliens will see me.” It is funny to look back on.

I think those are enough stories for now.

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