The Nuckelavee in Tales of Voracious

  • Nov. 23, 2020, 6:34 p.m.
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Slick black blood slid down my arm and dripped off of my elbow, creating a puddle at my bare feet. The ocean coursed behind my beast, thundering on rocky craigs. No words slipped past my lips, for their name was forbidden. No one dared whisper the word for fear of their wrath.

Ropey muscle covered each inch of their body. My fingers grazed over the muscular cheek, the thick ebony blood coating my pale skin as I moved. The horses maw gaped, the scent of death filling the air around us. It did not move as I did what no other had.

I pressed my lips to the equine cheek, soft and tender. Its body quivered, each muscle contracting and releasing beneath my hand. A strange low howl came from the humanoid head on the torso. I looked into their eyes and smirked before letting my tongue flick over the horse’s cheek.

The tang of rotten blood blossomed in my mouth. The beast stood still, considering, but I dared not relent. Fingers pressed forward, exploring the equine neck and shoulders, rubbing and caressing as I went. Each touch squelched with the natural lubricant that covered the creature’s skin.

My arms and face became covered in the ichor as I reached the horse’s back where a man’s skinless torso rested. Haunted eyes peered into me before one great muscular arm, as long as my body, reached upward to caress the skin of my face.

Lips welcomed one tacky digit, their finger exploring the soft flesh before pressing inward. The horse snorted and shifted, excitement in their bones as I suckled ddeeplyy onthe digit, letting it slide backwards and down. A hoof pawed the ground but the humanoid body shuddered.

Black liquid stained my throat and face. My hand guided theirs down until I placed my foot into their hand, rested my hands on the side of the horse, and pulled myself up. They lifted, placing me easily before them, thighs rubbing against their blood and honed muscles that pulsed beneath me.

Their hands wasted no time ripping the dress from my body to spread their blood over me. Slick fingers groped my breasts and delicate skin, exploring what they had never before touched. I stroked their face, rubbed my thumb over muscle where lips would have been, before I kissed them.

There were no lips to kiss, just barren teeth and facial muscles. But they knew the aaction and pressed into me, giant tongue filling my mouth after but a moment’s hesitation. Fingers roughly massaged the muscles of my back, tugging at my own flesh as a foreign concept. We moaned, my monster and I.

For lingering moments I rode them, their great tongue filling my mouth and throat. The beast beneath us rumbled, rubbing against my thighs, our liquids mixing together as excitement curled up my spine.

I moaned against their mouth, grasping at their waist, holding myself as the waves of pleasure rolled through me. The tongue slid outwards, lapping at my face and the peaks of my breast before their hand moved up the bare skin of my leg, leaving a glistening trail of secretion.

As wet digits were about to explore my depths, I gasped in surprise as the front legs reared. I was pressed against my lover, their torso stopping mine from falling. The great arms wrapped about me as their equine body shivered and settled, resting on a rocky outcropping on an angle. Below us, space was made for supplication.

My knees pressed against the slippery rocks as they anticipated my touch. A girth I had never seen before awaited, twitching to life as my blood covered hands explored and stroked. They pulsed at every touch, caress, stroke, and flick of my tongue, impossibly large and far too intense to swallow.

The creature shuddered, chaotic noises escaping the mouths of both the man and the equine. Hands wound about my waist, directing my strokes in back and forth movements. Their hips thrust, pressing the flat head of their length against my lips.

Blood drizzled onto my shoulder from the human’s gaping maw, slid down my body, as their fingers cupped between my legs, applying the sticky serum to my inner folds. Fingers slid in cautiously, muscle against muscle, teasing the flesh with each movement.

They lifted me with strange ease, pulling me upwards against their gut until my legs parted to wrap around their hips. The heavy length pressed forward, finding my body open and waiting. It drove inward, suddenly unrelenting and powerful.

Our combined screams mingled with the crashing of the waves. My fingers dug into ther muscled flanks, blood coating every part of me. The horse plunged within me and I shuddered, suddenly so filled and stretched I could scarcely breathe.

Each thrust brought us closer to something between life and death. We slid together, long arms hanging me below them, their body thundering into mine. Our bodies spasmed and shuddered together, blood, sweat, and ichor covering every inch of my body.

A new, vicious liquid released within me, before they pulled themselves free, letting it ooze slowly out of my body to mix with their blood below us. I panted, shivering in their arms before being set free to rest in the puddle of our fluids, body filled with their seed.

Mr. Mofo November 23, 2020

After reading this I'm confused, am I supposed to lock all the metal doors and hide in my underground bunker complex, or begin touching myself?

sloom Mr. Mofo ⋅ November 24, 2020


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