NJM 2020, Entry 20 - Superspreading in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 21, 2020, 7:38 a.m.
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I don’t know, man. I can’t stop thinking/talking/writing about Covid.

Today at the office, there were maybe 15 of us (in normal times there would be about 120 of us), so our CEO decided that she wanted to have a socially distanced Thanksgiving “celebration lunch” for the people in the office. It was actually quite nice - turkey and all the trimmings. The execs did all of the serving so that it wasn’t a buffet. Tables and seating were VERY spread out so that none of us was less than 6-8 feet apart. It seemed pretty safe-ish?? I mean, there’s NO way we could have had a lunch with the whole office, but like I said, there were 15 of us in a huge space.

Still, I can’t really get over the thought of the whole office coming back right after the Thanksgiving break. RIGHT after everyone has welcomed their college-aged kids back from all over the country. RIGHT after Uncle Joe, who thinks that Covid is fake news, coughs all over one of my co-workers and they bring it back to the office because it is going to be required for all of us to come back to an office setting in the middle of the largest spike of this pandemic.

Yes, the vaccine is on the way…HOORAY!

But what happens in the months before we are all saved?

I imagine lots of heartaches (and stuffy headaches and just aches in general).

Tonight as I took the dog out on her last walk of the day, we walked through a park and along a sidewalk that led to something that seemed like a candlelight vigil of some sort. There were about 200 people sitting on a hillside in the park with candles lit and they were being totally quiet. No singing, no prayers, no movement, no signs, no nothing. So I had no idea what they were doing and I wasn’t going to ask someone, though I did take a couple of photos. They were young people - I’m guessing they were all in their early 20s - some were wearing masks, but most were not.

WHAT THE HELL, you guys??!! Did you not get the memo?

So many people just don’t give a fuck.

And then. There’s a local influencer that I follow on Instagram. Last night she had her glorious Friendsgiving inside her gorgeous apartment at The Ritz. She posted a photo of a table set for 15 people - NOT socially distanced at all. Granted, it was a stunning set up and I was taking mental notes about how I’d love to have a Friendsgiving all up in my own space with the fall leaves and the autumnal colors and the gold flatware and metallic chargers and warm, fuzzy seating, maybe next YEAR. But to do that shit NOW? Just. No.

And the more painful it is to see and then watch the news every morning and hear the counts go higher and higher, the more I realize that there is absolutely nothing that I can do about this except take care of my own self. And just ride this wave under the surface where it’s not so rough and angry. I’m tired of being angry about this and pushing against it. People are going t do what they are going to do with their selfish selves. I can only do my own part not to spread this stuff.

I must stop obsessing. I must stop writing about it because writing about it makes it a thing. And yes it is a thing that we must be aware of and careful about, but uggghhhh. I’m just so sick of myself and the fact that this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing rattling around in my brain.

It’s time to think of other things. And others.


The Thirsty Oriental November 21, 2020

It’s so frustrating.

Deleted user November 21, 2020

There's an annoying IG influencer I hate-follow. And thoughout this she has continued to travel/go to indoor restaurants (she's in Florida, of course) and she's been MIA for a while. Today she did a story about how she tested for Covid and has no idea how. DUHHHHH!

Ginger Snap Deleted user ⋅ November 21, 2020

I hate to say this, but I secretly wish The Rona will hit certain people. I was also disappointed when Trump recovered so quickly.

Elaine Benes November 21, 2020 (edited November 21, 2020)


It is so hard but you’re right, all you can do is take care of yourself. Your company infuriates me making people come back to work. Hopefully you can find a way to be there and be safe. I don’t know if your dissection puts you at higher risk but could you tell your employer it does and maybe get special permission to work from home? Or would that be career suicide?

SeaShoreClams November 21, 2020

Between all of the protest of both political parties, now Thanksgiving and soon Christmas......yeah. My bet was that Nov 14th-28th will see the first spike.

My city was running 200 new daily cases Nov 1st-14th. Today we had 900 new cases yesterday alone.


Deleted user November 21, 2020

I think you have the right idea. For me the mental space to be in is: I can't totally ensure my own safety, but I'm doing what's reasonable to protect myself and I'm very low risk. I can't control others, I can only do my 1 in 6 billion part of it. And this is probably the last wave.

Jinn November 21, 2020

I am legitimately afraid. We take most of the precautions we can faithfully but somehow it does not feel like it’s good enough. Three people I know have died with Covid this week.

Ginger Snap Jinn ⋅ November 21, 2020

Oh no! I'm soooo sorry! This is too much.

Marg November 22, 2020

Thing is though you’re being prevented from taking care of yourself by the people around you e.g. everyone going back to the office after Thanksgiving. So I think your brain is deliberately focusing on this because it perceives danger all around.

pandora November 22, 2020

WHYEEEE are people so stupid? How can they just act like it's business as usual?

plushcreep November 22, 2020

Nice gesture on your CEO's part!

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