Baphomet in Tales of Voracious

  • Nov. 20, 2020, 6:35 p.m.
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The candlelight flickered, casting shadows over the altar. Tree branches quivered in the cool wind, clattering against one another. Fire warmed the air behind me, illuminating the effigy and the etched lines of a star in the stone. The air was still, nothing but the snapping hunger of the flames and my shallow disturbed the peace.

My lips moved, muttering the words I had been given by those who now refused to wander the woods. They had locked away their women, anyone whom they claimed had come back defiant and defiled. The words hung in the air, shivering in the candlelight before darkness consumed every flame leaving me in the pitch of night.

I felt their presence and saw nothing but the black night. Stars shimmered above as I turned my head only to see more nothing.

“Another who wishes to be freed.” It was a statement, not a question. Long nailed fingers touched my hair, sliding down the loose strands to my shoulder. “Such freedom I will give you, child.” Their hoofs crushed the dead leaves below as they walked behind me.

“Is that what you want, Baphomet?”

Their name touching the air caused the pacing to stop. Fire ignited again, illuminating the world around us. Their great goat face was inches from mine, nostrils flaring as they breathed me in. Slitted eyes stared, unblinking, waiting.

I kept my eyes lowered. “What frees you?” The words were calm but I felt my pulse racing as they stood, their frame silhouetted by the suddenly roaring fire.

Baphomet tilted their head, considering. “What do you want in return?” they countered as they moved between me and the altar, sitting atop it so they were eye level with me.

“Nothing,” I replied. “What is it you need, Great One?” I let myself step forward so that I nearly brushed their thighs. One of their hands moved forward, brushing my fingertips and moving upwards over my arms to the swell of my breast.

“Serve me,” they said. A rough thumb pressed against my nipple, then pinched. I gasped and let my eyes slide close. Their other thumb caressed my lips. “Want me. Ask for nothing. Be as I want you.” The thumb pressed inwards, brushing my teeth and tongue. “Suck.”

My mouth closed around their large digit, tongue flicking over the tip and the nail. They pushed their finger in further as they moaned, snorting air out their nostrils. “Good girl,” they murmured. Slowly their thumb pulled from my lips, trailing down my throat before wrapping around it.

The capricornian stood, guiding me to the altar. I climbed atop it, sitting on the edge of the cool stone. Their lips pulled into an almost smirk, revealing the flat teeth within. I lifted a hand to caress their face and ran my hand down their chest to the full breasts, playing with their hardened dark nipples as they had mine.

A soft groan purred out of them as they leaned their head back. “Yes. Harder.” I pinched both, sharp and hard, watching as they shuddered. From their muzzle a strange noise between moan and bleat. I leaned in, pulling their breast into my mouth, pinching the pert flesh with my teeth.

Fingers wound into my hair, pulling me against their body as I lapped and bit at their flesh. With a jerk, they pulled me back. “All fours.” I almost whimpered at being taken away from them, but moved, climbing onto my hands and knees on their altar. Baphomet moved before me, fingers caressing my hair again.

“Please?” I whispered.

“Please what, child?”

“Please can I serve you, my liege. Let me show you that you are delicious. That you are wanted.”

They stepped closer, pulling my hair up away from my face. “As you wish. Show me.”

My tongue met their erect flesh, the first taste of wildness caressing my eager mouth. I explored, hungry for more of them, dragging my mouth down slowly to the furry sheath and then back up. Finally, I swallowed them, pushing my head as far down as I could as they slid into my throat. Heated breaths were panted onto my back as I moved, rocking my body so they slid in and out of my mouth.

A guttural bleat escaped my lover. Drool slid down my chin, dripping to the cold cement below. Candles flickered around us as they grabbed a knot of my hair, holding my head still while they began to thrust, taking my mouth with each movement. I moaned, sending vibrations over their shaft.

The goat groaned, bucking their hips wildly and quickly, smearing drool across my lips and face with their movement. Hot seed released, coating my chin and lips. My tongue lapped at it before their tongue met mine. Our tongues danced, tasting their release and each other for the first time. They were all wildness and desire.

Slowly they stood again, walking to the opposite end of the altar. One hand slid over my back to the exposed cheeks before a sharp smack echoed around our clearing. I gasped, my twitching in surprise. Fingers slid against the inside of my thigh and up to the wetness waiting. They chuckled, before sliding their fingers inside.

“How eager,” the murmured, ethereal voice caressing my mind. “Do I excite you?”

“Completely, my liege,” I replied between moans as their fingers began to move in and out. “I want you. In every way. To serve you.” The fingers pulled from me. I whimpered then gasped when a hand came down against my backside.

“Good. Anything I wish?”

“Yes,” I gasped. They shifted, reaching forward to push their wet fingers against my messy lips. My mouth opened to pull them in, tasting myself.

“Good girl,” they said softly. Their fingers pulled from my lips, delivering a rough slap to my breasts as they swayed beneath me. “Did you like my taste?”

“I love your seed, my liege. I want more. Please.”

Nails scratched along my back before a thick, warm tongue slipped between thighs, lapping at the juices that glistened there. A cry of pleasure ripped out of me as the tongue moved upward, testing at the tight opening. The tongue probed, sending chills through my body as it slipped in and out, bathing the sensitive skin.

I shuddered, nails scratching at the stone beneath me. Just as soon as it began, it stopped. A hardness pushed against me, slowly sliding inward as the tightness expanded around them. “Good girl,” they moaned as their length slowly slid inside, giving my body time to relax. “Are you ready, child?”

“Yes, please. Please, Great One.” I leaned my body back against them, urging more of them within me.

“Good,” they said before suddenly pulling out and slamming in again. I cried out, grabbing the altar to hold myself steady. Each thrust was rough and sudden, plunging them deeper and deeper into my body. Animalistic bleats and groans rolled out of Baphomet as they thrust, bringing waves of pleasure with each movement.

“Good girl,” they said again. “Tell me you want more.” They thrust again, hard and deep.

“Please, my liege. Give me more. Release in me. Fill me.” I pushed back, meeting their thrust with my hips. We slammed into each other, losing ourselves in the darkness.

Fingers dug into my skin as they held me against their furred body. A flood of warmth spread within me, their body jerking as they released. The deity panted behind me as I leaned back, kneeling and leaning into their muscular body.

“Thank you,” they whispered, muzzle nuzzling my shoulder and neck.

I reached a hand up to caress their cheek, stroking the wiry fur. “Anything for you, my liege. Anything.”

abrawmclaren November 20, 2020

This was amazing!!

sloom abrawmclaren ⋅ November 20, 2020

Thank you!

Mr. Mofo November 20, 2020

I will have to read this after work because I do not want to take a cold shower and then go in for a shift.

sloom Mr. Mofo ⋅ November 20, 2020

Legit. They'll be waiting for you...

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