The Plot Behind COVID-1984 in Politics

  • Nov. 17, 2020, 12:16 a.m.
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They are losing the plot. I’ve been saying that for a while now. I noticed this morning that my Prime Sinister, Trudeau, was starting to trend on my socials. I follow a lot of right-wing figures and Trudeau is pretty invisible on the world stage but a video of him was going viral. By this evening the video made its way up to Tucker Carlson on Fox News. What went viral was a clip from a conference that Trudeau had with the UN back in September. I thought for sure that it was never going to come to the surface back when I saw it. Trudeau spilled the tea, sis.

This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change,” Trudeau said in the video.

Carlson parodied Trudeau. “Oh, this is our chance,” he mimicked. “Not our chance to save you from a virus with a 99 percent survival rate.”“

You’ll almost certainly be fine, and they’re fully aware of that. This is our chance to impose totally unprecedented social controls on the population in order to bypass democracy and change everything to conform with their weird academic theories that have never been tested in the real world, and by the way, don’t actually make sense,” the Fox News host continued. “This is their chance.”

There are conspiracy theories and then there are conspiracy facts. The words that stand out the most to me are “our pre-pandemic efforts”. Again, he is talking to the UN. This reset is the Great Reset from the World Economic Forum, the global banks. The Great Reset is formerly known as Agenda-30, Agenda-21 and the more popular one, the New World Order. It’s not a conspiracy anymore. It’s right here, it’s right now. A minister in Australia addressed her concerns about this reset in parliament. She does not agree that Australians should lose their individual sovereignties, their freedom. I don’t agree with that either for any of us. Again they have pre-pandemic efforts to replace our economic systems with ones that address inequality. That’s communism. The UN wants to grow into a communist global government unofficially run by China and they are using this pandemic to do it. Those are the conspiracy facts.

Through logic and reason, we can see that western society is under attack by our own government elects who are working with global elites to replace all free societies with one big communist government. They’re disguising it with this pandemic. Big tech and big media are their weapons. Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK and New Zealand are all waiting for Biden to take the oval office so they can all move forward with this insane plan.

I just don’t know if their plan is falling apart or not. The whole globe is locking down again while a lot of us are waking up to it. Are they just going to conquer us the old fashion way or keep up this charade until enough of us acquiesce? Currently, we still have a non-established politician in the Whitehouse who is a nationalist-populist and is not bought by the CCP, Trump. Big tech and big media are still pretending that Biden is the president-elect and they even invented a fake position for him. Office of the President-Elect. Seriously, like right now, they are passing off a made-up office to legitimize the fake calling of the election. We are witnessing communist propaganda in real-time from the greatest country on earth. This is to justify him breaking several laws by working with foreign diplomats. Of course, the rest of us know that the election is still going. Trump has several paths to victory here and it’s just not over. They know it.

Trump knew this was coming, that’s why he ran. He wants to drain the swamp that is selling his amazing country to China. Then he wants to go to war on China. That’s my guess. Right now, he’s pushing bills and executive orders to make sure there is as much distance between Biden and the CCP as possible as a contingency plan. Trump will run again in 2024. He’ll make sure that the integrity of the elections from here on out is protected. Trump has to go to war on China. Someone has to go to war on China. The world has to go to war on China. China needs to be war’d up. The CCP needs to be taken out. I keep picturing it in my mind, Trump as a war president with Elon Musk creating new war technologies in space. Anyway, the reason they put a wedge between Trump and Russia with a fake dossier is that Russia is China’s immediate threat. Trump, in a second term, can finally make deals with Russia. I am not the only person telling themself this but I think Trump let this all playout so that we can see everything for what it is. So that the arrests will make sense.

He played it brilliantly though. He planned ahead and he is likely to pull it off. He installed Bush’s legal team into SCOTUS and he is using their very same legal case to traject the decision to the house of representatives where Republicans have a majority. Checkmate. It’s not very democratic but America is not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic. However, that’s just the beginning if he does pull it off. All hell will break loose in America. All hell will break loose in the world should his investigation into voter fraud confirm that the software in the Dominion voting machines is indeed designed to help steal elections. The claim is that China is using those machines to help install leaders that they want in power. If that is proven then we have a lot of world leaders that will have some explaining to do. I for one would not find it hard to believe that Trudeau stole an election. Stole a country at this point. Also explains why he wants to rush an election so badly. To steal a majority government this time. His opposition is relentless in exposing his corruption and Trudeau as a problem with accountability. Ok, enough about him.

The conspiracy theory I am hearing about these global elites is that they were originally going to go to war. I don’t know the details about with whom but that is how they were originally going to crash our economies and get us used to communist law. To get us used to lining up for bread. They were blindsided thanks to the wild wild web and Trumpwas elected which disrupted their plans. He continued to disrupt their plans. He continues to disrupt their plans. They can’t control the narrative. China’s bioweapon was their backup plan. This pandemic. Literally, my government is sopping up all the equity right now. The US had a special assignment to get Trump out of office at all costs. All our big media played the same propaganda. This was a coup like no other.

I am hoping that the elites are throwing in the towel. Just rushing these lockdowns to jab us with their freak of nature vaccine and just let us live our lives while they run for the hills from Trump… of course, China already tried to legitimize going to war with Trump to fight white supremacy so I don’t see the global elites quitting. Ok, I got this off my chest. Ta

KissOfLife! November 17, 2020

But I don't wanna line up for bread!

TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ November 17, 2020 (edited November 17, 2020)


Have you heard of CANZUK? We could be citizens of that union together lol. One big happy family. It's better than the UN reset, it gets us off China's back.

Small Town Girl November 22, 2020

They are never going to give up their agenda. They will just become more crazed and desperate. It will get ugly. Very ugly.

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