NJM 2020, Entry 16 - Skip This One. Seriously. in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 16, 2020, 5:01 p.m.
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Monday again? I suppose that the good thing is that 2020 feels like it’s whizzing by now. Maybe?

Was thrilled to hear the additional good news about the Covid vaccine from Moderna today - and 94.5% effective? Yes please. I wonder if another drug company will get in on the act and announce something soon. As Rona cases rise so dramatically, a vaccine can’t come fast enough. I’m so worried that people are just not even concerned anymore and yet the vaccine still won’t be ready for consumption by regular people for a good long while.

I spent much of my workday today in a mad scramble. I have a feeling that’s how the rest of the year is going to go. Not even sure how I’m going to attempt to take the week after Thanksgiving off, but as it is, I won’t be able to take any other time off and if I don’t take time off I’ll lose thirteen vacation days! Shit. This, after being laid off for nine weeks is not cool.

Regardless, scrambling lately.

And now that it’s getting darker out after the time change, and the fact that I have no energy, I feel like the days whiz by and I can’t wait to get into bed shortly after I get home and walk the dog and grab a bite to eat.

Well, hell. I’m feeling dehydrated (did not drink nearly enough today), so I’m going to go get some H2O, grab the dog and go for a walk, eat and then sleep.

Thank you for reading the world’s most boring entry - ever. You deserve an award, and I’m sorry I don’t have anything.

Can I make it up to you somehow?

Elaine Benes November 16, 2020

More vaccines is more better!

pandora Elaine Benes ⋅ November 16, 2020

At first I thought this was bad grammar and then it clicked... lol.

Elaine Benes pandora ⋅ November 16, 2020

I think it is bad grammar but I’ve heard people say it to be funny. So I was trying to be funny!

pandora Elaine Benes ⋅ November 16, 2020

I don’t think it’s bad grammar when the more = people though!

pandora Elaine Benes ⋅ November 16, 2020

Maybe? Hahah now it looks funny again.

Parliament November 16, 2020

How could they not let you use PTO during the time you were furloughed?!

Ginger Snap Parliament ⋅ November 16, 2020

They expressly told those of us who were temporarily laid off that we were not allowed to take PTO. Some weird rule.

Complicated Disaster Ginger Snap ⋅ November 17, 2020

But what would be the point of using PTO while you were already not at work?! xx

Ginger Snap Complicated Disaster ⋅ November 17, 2020

I’d get paid.

Complicated Disaster Ginger Snap ⋅ November 17, 2020

You have such a weird system in the US! xx

Ginger Snap Complicated Disaster ⋅ November 17, 2020

Yeah. Depends on the company, but mine is weird for sure.

Parliament Ginger Snap ⋅ November 17, 2020

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK that place honey. Get out!

Complicated Disaster November 17, 2020

I can think of a way you could make it up to me! xx

Marg November 17, 2020

You have yourself - the perfect award! :)

Jinn November 17, 2020

I wonder if we know the vaccine is 94 percent effective , then is that good enough that we can go back to behaving as we did before ? Or are we always going to have to wear masks and distance just to keep that extra level of protection? Will we want to risk just depending on the vaccine ? I will be one of the ones that will be anxious about it . I am also wondering how long until we all can get the vaccine ? It could be quite awhile so the safety protocols are not going to end any time soon:-( It’s also worrisome that the vaccine must be stored correctly, at such low temperatures to stay viable . You know vaccine centers are going to mess that up at times :-( and then you might think you should be protected after the shot, but you will not be :-( How many people will get sick from that ? I want to be excited about the vaccine but there are significant bumps in the road ahead :-(

WhatDreamsMayCome November 17, 2020

Tuesday will make up for it! ;-)

Ginger Snap WhatDreamsMayCome ⋅ November 17, 2020

Don’t hold your breath! 🤣

plushcreep November 18, 2020

I'm hoping for (and expecting) more good vaccine news, too. The more options we have, the quicker we'll all get inoculated. I read one report today that said next winter could be completely normal if these positive vaccine results keep coming. Fingers crossed!

Ginger Snap plushcreep ⋅ November 19, 2020

I hope I hope I hope! We gotta get through this winter, though. And it's not looking good. Too many people have given up or don't seem to care. Sad.

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