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  • Nov. 15, 2020, 8:04 p.m.
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15: At what age do you remember learning about mortality?

I read this before and I had to really think about it.

I remember I was REALLY young.

There is a picture of me in a pull-up and a Gerber t-shirt. I’m standing against a wall, looking over my right shoulder, like I’m waiting for someone to come down the hallway.

I vaguely remember this. Someone was chasing me up and down the hallway and according to my mom, I was all giggle wfgwgggs and delight. Apparently, she pulled me over and asked me who I was running from. I told her there was a lady in a flower dress that was tickling me. I remember my mom having a panicked look on her face as she picked me up. I didn’t understand what panic was, but I knew the look on her face wasn’t a good one.

She told me later she thought that someone had gotten into the house, but when there was no one around, she asked me to describe the lady.

I saw her go into a room and she brought a picture out. She asked if that was the lady and I laughed, told her that I was gonna go find her. Then my mom told me she was a spirit because she died.

I didn’t understand “dead” until she told me “it’s a forever sleep”.

I was advanced all my life, crawling before I was 6 months, walking by 8 months, and so on. By the time I went to preschool, I was bored. I went to Kindergarten, I already knew everything.

So, learning about abstract concepts wasn’t a huge deal for my parents, they knew I’d get it and think about it on my own.

Small Town Girl November 15, 2020

Who was the lady in the picture? Grandmother? An aunt?

DevilishlyInnocent Small Town Girl ⋅ November 15, 2020

My mom said it was an aunt. I think. It's been awhile. Pretty sure it was my aunt though. She died when I was little and my brother wasn't born. I think I was like, 2? I'd have to double check.

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