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While waiting for R to finish in the bathroom, I wrote myself a list of headings so I could write a comprehensive “what’s on” at Ermen’s house while in the bath.

T doing covid thing

There is a large testing study going on in the UK and people are chosen completely at random. T (14 yrs old with major anxiety) has been invited to join in. Essentially, the chosen people are sent a test which they take to find out what percentage of the population actually have COVID (because of those who display no symptoms or those who feel they just have a cold etc…). I told her it was totally her choice but she’s happy to go ahead with it so we have registered her and are ready to receive the test.

T college

College is happening. At the moment myself and her tutor are mainly focused on her getting to college or accessing work online. We don’t think exams are going to happen this year although T is determined to do them. She will have to do a heck of a lot of catch up work to be exam ready. However, she is still going, late most days, but she gets there. That is all we ask at the moment.


My Christmas mask selling is going well! The kids ones aren’t selling as well but the adult ones I can hardly keep in stock! I finished the second batch yesterday and plan to start the third batch today 😥

L school

This is tricky for me. For her mental health she is far better off in school. She made it through most of lockdown v1.0 okay but slumped towards the end. She walks home with friends who are in her year group bubble but she is always late home. I have talked to her about it being lockdown so hanging out at the shop with her mates isn’t appropriate but, at the same time, I know that she needs to hang out with her mates. I haven’t told her it’s okay but I haven’t restricted her either, just given her the facts.


My Ridgeway runs have halted. I have to drive almost an hour and a half each way to my start points now which I don’t think comes under the government’s ‘essential travel’ edict. Having said that, I did do a small section that I originally missed. I missed it on purpose because it’s a small but busy road that connects Liddington clump with Foxhill and it has no pavements (sidewalks) so it’s a bit crap. Today I ran that bit so I filled my gap!

Nearing 50

I’m not sure why I’m mentioning this bit as I’m sure you all have it marked in your calendars as the most important day of the year but, in case you haven’t looked at the aforementioned calendar, what with there being fuck all else on there, it’s 19 days to my 50th birthday. Usually I would celebrate by buying a Christmas tree but we’re going to use the old fake one that’s in the loft (see last heading) so I’m not sure what to do for my birthday. Any suggestions?!

Unpopular opinion about old famous people dying

Those in the 27 club, mostly tragic situations. Those in their mid life, very sad. But. And here’s where I may piss people off. Sean Connery was 90, Des O’Connor 88. Someone else recently who was 93. Look at the amazing lives these people have lived and if I make it to their age I’ll be bloody chuffed. Let’s celebrate their lives but why are we sad? They’re not close family, they’re people we’ve seen on screens and will again. They lived long, successful lives and their legacy will go on so yes, comment on it but why are people sad? Just celebrate their lives!

leaking porch

We had a new porch a few years ago, just a tiny little vestibule in which swinging an ant would be impossible, let alone a cat. But it has leaked ever since. Of course, I only remember when it rains and the shoes and coats all get wet… I had to wear a very old pair of running shoes third morning after the discovery the the current ones held more water than the Hoover dam. I really ought to buy some sealant.

Second Lockdown

Well, it really is a joke. Come on, during the first one I was able to run down the middle of usually busy roads, everywhere was quiet other than the sounds of neighbours in their gardens. R still has to go in to work (his job sometimes requires it and right now is one of those) . I gotta tell you, the roads are not any less busy than they were before lockdown when I take him and pick him up. No shitting. People are still going about their every day stuff and, as the kids are still at school/college, they’re really is no difference.

skint- Christmas/birthdays

We’ve talked to the girls about this year being a small gift birthday/Christmas combo. My masks are selling well and I have a few nail appointments booked for post lockdown but we’re not financially viable at the moment. I just wish T was more able to get to college so I could get a job but she relies on me so much I can’t commit to regular working hours. I know it isn’t her fault but it is tough.

And those are my headings with the blurb filled in.

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thesunnyabyss November 15, 2020

we are being somewhat restricted here but that only travelling so far from home has got to suck, for things like your run etc, I get they need rules really I do but some are getting crazy,

good for T for at least getting there, and for doing that testing, it must be so hard on kids your girls' ages, the need for social time is so great,

I remember when we decided it was better for the kids if I was to stay home bc of the same issues you are mentioning, it sucks and it's not fair but I'm so glad you have your nail business started at least, for me I babysat a few kids, you'll all get thru this,

take care, be safe, hugs!

Lis November 15, 2020

14 is awfully young for college... I feel like I missed something! xx

ermentrude Lis ⋅ November 15, 2020

T has been homeschooled for the past two years and needs to do her high school exams so she’s going to our local sixth form college to study for them.

Jinn November 16, 2020

We are shut down where we live but there still is a lot of traffic ; not sure why . Of course the grocery stores are mobbed. We don’t have bad shortages yet but there are some. No restaurants, no shopping except on line , no library , no socializing. It’s like living in a bad Sci- Fi movie for way too long .
Glad T. Is getting ready for her exams. Glad your masks are selling. Sorry about your runs. Yes, seal your porch :-) The wood will rot ..

ermentrude Jinn ⋅ November 16, 2020

There’s no Wood. It’s upvc.

Jinn ermentrude ⋅ November 16, 2020

Ah, that is good !!

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