a survey, and maybe a little more in A new start

  • Nov. 14, 2020, 2:02 a.m.
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What does your online diary name mean, and why did you pick it?
it was a reversal of an email address I had, instead of angel I was antiangel

When did you first get an online diary?
started with teen open diary, so a very long time ago

Why did you first start an online diary?
all my friends had one

How did you find OD/Prosebox?
I just followed people from OD

When writing an entry, do you believe you are writing for you or the reader?
I guess for me?

When writing an entry, are you completely honest?
I try to be

Describe your writing setting:
on my laptop in bed with the tv on

Is anyone that you know (in real life) allowed to read your diary?
negative, as far as I know

Do you know anyone in real life with a diary, which you are allowed to read?

Has anyone found your diary that you really didn’t want to find it?
not that I know of

Do you believe writing in your online diary is therapeutic?
maybe? Depends on what I am writing

How many entries do you have?
less than 300. I deleted a lot a few years ago

Do you have any entries that are private?
maybe one or two

How many favorites do you have?
a few

Do you know who your first favorite was?
not right of the top of my head

Have you ever written an entry while too intoxicated?
I don’t get intoxicated

Do you feel accepted by the diary community?
I’m sure

Have you secretly fell in love (or had a crush on) a diarist?
nope. But I do love someone who had a teenopendiary

Have you ever read an entry that really moved you? What was it about?

Has anyone written an entry that made you cry?
yes. With joy and sadness

What are your favorite kinds of entries to read?
I don’t really know

After writing an entry, how long do you wait to see if you have comments?
I usually don’t

If you don’t have comments, do you feel let down?
I never get comments

How many comments do you usually get?
usually 0

Did you know the more comments you leave, the more notes you get?
could be why I don’t get any huh, not a good noter

Do you delete mean or nasty comments?
nah. Can’t let them get to me

Have you ever left a nasty comment and not signed your name?

Have you ever left a comment on a person’s diary just to make them feel better?
I believe so

Do you keep a paper copy of your online diary?

Do you go back and re-read your past entries?
no, they kinda make me cringe

What’s the most interesting thing you can think of about OpenDiary/PB?
it truly is all over the world

Now for the maybe more part:

I have realized that it has been nearly a year since I have had sex. I haven’t even been touched in about the same length of time. The last time I tried he never got even slightly hard. The time before that he blacked out. He doesn’t try. It’s frustating. I told him he should talk to his dr about it but that would mean he would have to go to the dr. I want to be able to have sex.

I think I need to write an entry sometime about the whole marriage/relationship.

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