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  • Nov. 10, 2020, 2:02 p.m.
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There is not going to be a renaissance for the woke supremacists. We are supposed to unify and heal after the burning, looting, murdering, cancelling and disenfranchising of people who refuse to think like them. We owe them nothing. This is an abusive relationship. They think they’ve won the culture war and assume that we will now just accept their settled science that men have periods, babies are clumps of cells until they are born and sometimes a few minutes after, obesity is a body type and not a treatable disease, vaccines save lives unless Trump is president, voting correctly will prevent hurricanes, wildfires and tornados. Riots, abortion clinics, liquor stores and Biden rallies are immune to COVID. Churches and schools are superspreaders but BLM protests slow the spread. We are to accept their dogmatic belief that white skin is racist and that those individuals need Critical Race Theory to understand their White Fragility. They think that we’re all just going to accept that being born white is the new original sin. “They are acting out a deficiency.” Says Nick Cannon as he then explains how white people are a little closer to animals. I can’t believe this is where society is at in 2020.

There is a comedian that I just started to follow. I don’t know much about his career but I am familiar with him. He is half-Persian and I added him because I noticed that he is using his platform and the left’s oppression hierarchy to speak out against this woke supremacy. I’m intersectional enough to be allowed to have an opinion, barely. The woke Taliban has a list of prerequisites that one must possess to be allowed to have an opinion on a matter. Otherwise, it’s mansplaining, racial microaggressions or all the phobics and ists. I just can’t let them dehumanize Caucasians, men and free thinkers. This neo-Marxism is dangerous. A civil war is brewing in the states and I hope to god that it doesn’t actually happen. This election split the country right down the middle. We can’t get people to see that the shadows on the wall are not real. Anyways, this comedian is getting attacked for being too light. That he is too privileged and is abusing minorities by existing and speaking. The woke Taliban has been calling his employers to denounce and fire him. I can’t believe this is where society is at in 2020.

Welcome to the church of woke. Live your truth. Disagreeing is fascist. Opposing opinions are hate speech. Rejecting their demands incites violence (their violence). Calling something a name is a legitimate form of argument. Feelings are now facts. Hurting fee-fees with free speech goes against all community standards. Non-believers are cancelled and not allowed to have platforms, voices or employment. The woke Taliban will not rest until you live in submission to their ideologies. If the information doesn’t fit in their oversimplified view of the world (patriarchy bad) then it is misinformation and you need to, non-fascistly, stop spreading lies. If the facts don’t fit in their narratives it is a conspiracy… If the news limits your imagination then you’re the problem. I can’t believe this is where society is at in 2020.

It’s digital media vs legacy media right now. Want to know why individuals on both sides of the aisle keep dipping into conspiracy? It’s simple. The people who are supposed to be giving us the truth keep lying to us. Legacy media and big tech. We just watched them all turn on us. They are absolutely the enemies of the people. We’re pissed off. They just told one enormous lie and the whole world rushed to legitimize it and they silenced those who had legitimate questions. Digital media is outperforming legacy media and the legacy media just felt the hit. We’re changing all our platforms and moving to where free speech is. The left can have their fake news and continue to believe that they’re living in a woketopia. This is Plato’s allegory of the cave, people think the shadows on the wall are real.

We’re not in communist countries, I can’t believe that this is where western society is at in 2020. It’s at least nice to witness the real counter-culture working together to fight for freedom, peacefully. The resistance lol. Lame to say but it fits. We’re resisting the woke supremacists every step of the way. Working around those communist standards. Finding new platforms. Trump started a movement here. It’s just getting started. That space we need to exchange ideas keeps shrinking and their willful ignorance is becoming weaponized.

Anyway, it is a little amusing but sad at the same time to see the left starting to have buyer’s remorse. They now see Bidens COVID plan coming and they’re starting to say that they wouldn’t have voted for him if the media told them what it was. Trump didn’t get into the nuance of it but it would have gone over their heads anyway. Orange guy bad. Their businesses won’t survive it. Their mortgages won’t survive it. Biden is the candidate of the elites and the elites are going sop up all that extra equity. Corporate America won the election. The elites don’t want a middle class in socialist countries. The real conspiracy is that governments care and the news would never lie. No lives matter. This was a power grab. Like puppets, we were all played. I’m sounding like it’s the end times, it’s not. I’m just airing out my frustration and I’m being dramatic.

Last updated November 10, 2020

Small Town Girl November 10, 2020

It is most definitely the end times.
I thought Biden was pretty clear on his Covid lock down plans. Nobody should be surprised by this.....they weren't paying attention if they are. They voted their feelings instead of whats actually best for their futures.

Silver Satan November 10, 2020

We owe them nothing. This is an abusive relationship
^ This is so damn true it hurts.

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