NJM 2020, Entry 9 - Turnaround Time! in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 9, 2020, 10:13 a.m.
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Hi. Okay. Sorry about the last couple of entries - it was just too much emotion plus too much bubbly (all-day celebration on Saturday, yeah!) and then I was too tired to write last night after a lovely day of being outside and then a visit to mom and dad’s (which always takes up 75% of my Sunday).

But now it’s Monday and the start of a new week and I’m feeling much more productive and able to write.

Saturday was a good day. It was a relief to see that democracy does work, that the actual majority of the United States really do stand on the side of common decency and common sense and that the orange psychopath will soon be out of the top office and off to do his evil work somewhere else.

Do I think that things are fixed? Not by a longshot. But this is a giant step in the right direction and I was beyond thrilled on Saturday morning during my long dog walk.

Found out via text at exactly 10:30am CST, which means that one of my friends had been glued to news coverage.The texts were flying between my college girlfriends and I was texting many of my good friends and one of my neighbors told me that she was heading to a breakfast place to have some mimosas and invited me to join and that was all I needed.

On the walk over, I ran into some other friends on the street and then it became a small party. It was a stunning day, cars were honking and people were cheering in the street. So much excitement! It lasted the rest of the day!

My neighbor, K. has a golf cart that she rolls around downtown. She’s a business owner and knows everyone in the central business district (where we live), so she was all, “let’s take the golf cart with some champagne over to City Hall where the BIG celebration is happening!”.

Our friend and neighbor, SH was down, so we went home and grabbed more bubbly and scooted over there. Alas, everyone had already dispersed. But then, we were kind of raring to go, so we tootled around the streets (not sure if it was legal on city streets) to the next neighborhood over, through the gayborhood and finally ended up on yet another patio. Drank more until it was time for SH to go to his dinner with friends, so we hopped back in the golf cart, honking and cheering with so many other peeps…until the golf cart battery almost died!

And there we were, having to go super slow and turn the headlights off (it was already dark at that point) so that we could conserve energy for the golf cart battery! And then a cop pulls up next to us! Neighbor K yelled out to them that the battery was about to die and that we just needed to go a few more blocks (it was actually a bit more than a mile!) and we’d be home.

Luckily, we pulled into the parking garage as the last bit of juice ran through the battery - as well as my body - and I was home and in bed by 8pm. What a day!

Sunday was another mild day, though it was foggy. Took the dog for a nice long walk to the trail and back and then it was time to head to mom and dad’s.

We had a lovely time - dad and I got some alone time to talk about politics a bit while we waited for take-out Mexican food in my car and then some time with my niece, who is going through a bit of a sassy phase. My SIL gave me some more Chinese dumplings to take home and that really was that - not much to write about and I was pretty hungover yesterday.

Took Martini on a walk to the pretty park and on a drive through a neighborhood where I think I’ve decided I want to move and then it was dark already. I hate when it gets dark so early, but was glad that it was still warm enough to do a longer walk with just workout clothes on (no jacket or anything).

And that was the weekend!

Things are looking up. This morning Pfizer announced that their vaccine appears to be 90%+ effective, and Biden has already announced his transition advisory board and we may be looking at the beginning of the end of our months and months of the raging Rona. Please, please let this be the case!

And now I must go and move on with the day and the week. I’m motivated much more than I was last week and want to use the next few weeks wisely. Time to kick this year into a different mode!

Have a fantastic Monday!

girl in recession November 09, 2020

sounds awesome :)

Complicated Disaster November 09, 2020

Hopefully sanity will now start to return to the world! xx

Elaine Benes November 09, 2020

Sounds like a great day on Saturday! It was so fun here too! And yay for the super effective vaccine!!!!!! 😉

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ November 09, 2020

Woooo hoo!

Wranglingal November 09, 2020

Sounds like a great busy weekend, I know having a busy weekend makes it good for us, but then when Monday comes around we are ready to settle into the week! BUT I do hope you have a great week as well.
I do hope the Pfizer will be the vaccine that will work!

Marg November 10, 2020

Sounds like a hectic weekend but lovely!

plushcreep November 10, 2020

I'm just glad your golf cart didn't die on you in an inconvenient part of town.

Jinn November 11, 2020

You had a good time ! I am glad. Hoping now some sanity will return to the country.

WhatDreamsMayCome November 12, 2020

Driving around in the golf cart sounds fun.

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